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Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR): This evil empire preys on and spies on Americans. It imprisons innocent people in concentration camps, it uses slave labor to fuel its factories and it denies the most basic freedoms to all of its 1.4 billion people. We need to beat this evil empire and consign the Chinese Communists — just like the Bolsheviks — to the ash heap of history.

Orin Hatch op-ed in Newsweek: For many Americans, Twitter’s terms of service agreement now has more power over what they can and cannot say in the public square than the First Amendment does.

Paul Gottfried contributor to American Greatness wrote: Crises are generated when those in power decide to generate them. The media can throw oil on the flames whenever they decide it is in their interest to do so. Universities and other “institutions of learning” will then join the fray, together with their comrades in the deep state, who are always eager to fight “prejudice.” The fact is, we are dealing with a power complex that can turn even minor incidents into violent demonstrations and calls for government action to end “discrimination” and to ferret out and punish “white supremacists.”

Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano on learning who sits on the Electric Reliability Council of Texas: People who are making literally life and death decisions on behalf of our families and our communities don’t even live in the state of Texas.… I’m frustrated and cannot believe that the board chair of our leading energy decision maker doesn’t even live in Texas, but lives in Michigan. It just cannot be that way here in the Lone Star State.


Vadum: The War on Trump
The leftist NAACP, which never met a conservative it didn’t consider to be a racist hatemonger, is suing former President Donald Trump using an obscure law that was wielded against the Democratic Party-affiliated terrorists of the Ku Klux Klan who murdered blacks and their Republican enemies after the Civil War. The Ku Klux Klan Act is an unusual tool to pull from a cobweb-covered chest of old laws nobody knew were still in existence. President Ulysses S. Grant (he’s the guy on the $50 bill, millennials!) used the statute to declare martial law, penalize terrorist organizations, and use military force to suppress the KKK after the Civil War. Those who filed this baseless, pie-in-the-sky lawsuit don’t give a farthing’s cuss about justice. The Democratic National Committee needs a reason to keep squeezing its donors and Trump is the most impressive object of revilement Democrats have had to shriek at in decades. […] The lawsuit, dubbed Thompson v. Trump, was filed February 16 in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., . . . This is actually the second Ku Klux Klan Act lawsuit the NAACP has filed against Trump regarding his totally lawful challenge of the election results. In the new lawsuit, . . . […] According to the 32-page legal complaint filed in Thompson v. Trump, Thompson “brings this action against the Defendants for conspiring to prevent him and other Members of Congress from discharging these official duties, in violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1985(1).” “Enacted as the ‘Ku Klux Klan Act’ in 1871, Section 1985(1) was intended to protect against . . .
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Roy: The Lincoln Project isn’t the only purveyor of fake conservative grift.
The story here is not that DC’s self-anointed gatekeepers too often turn out to be sex pests and money launderers. That’s old news. The real story is about legacy media and establishment politicos teaming up to run cover for an operation that billed itself as the moral cure for Trumpism, while knowing full well the sickness its founding members foisted upon vulnerable young men. The perversity fit a pattern: While the Lincoln Project made piles of money maligning President Trump as a sexual deviant, a veritable Harvey Weinstein was stalking among them. While slandering Trump as a financial illiterate, Rick Wilson was using the proceeds of the sham advocacy group to pay hundreds of thousands in back taxes. While openly fretting that the crazy orange man would have access to the nuclear codes, they promoted forever wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and worked to keep the military industrial complex in power against the most peaceful American president in recent history. Day in and day out, Lincoln Project hatchet men portrayed Trump as a human grift magnet from within an organization whose business philosophy was “I grift, therefore I am.”
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Hoft: OUTRAGEOUS: After Abandoning Trump and Allowing Landslide Election to be Stolen, Republican “Leaders” Now Want to Look Into Election Integrity – What Garbage!
The Republican Party is a damn joke. They are disgusting, outrageous, and lost. After sitting back and watching the Democrats steal the 2020 landslide election away from President Trump and then denying any election wrongdoing, the Republicans now want to look into election integrity.
Go to hell we don’t believe you. The 2020 election was the most corrupt and criminal enterprise in US history. This one act will cost America millions in jobs and income for years to come. It will result in China taking back all they lost during the Trump years. The border is already open. The US energy sector is already in turmoil. And Iran is already attacking US bases in Iraq. […] . . . the Republican leadership says there was no fraud. Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney both claim there was no election fraud. Lindsey Graham supported Cheney and told Trump – don’t you dare mention election fraud in the Democrat’s second BS impeachment hearing. […] But today the Republicans, no doubt after seeing their donations drop to a trickle, decided they want to create a new committee to discuss election integrity.
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Carl: In Undermining Trump, GOP Senators Rejected the Politics of Prudence
Upon reading Trump’s characteristic counterpunch, one immediately has a few thoughts: First, more starkly than ever before, Trump has set up a contest between the populist-nationalist and the establishment wings of the party, one that will be necessary to decisively resolve if the party is ever to move forward. And second, one wonders how different the political history of the last four years might have looked had Trump taken this approach upon winning the 2016 election? […] For a look at an alternative and far superior way for the GOP to deal with Trump in exile, McConnell need look no further than his Kentucky colleague Rand Paul, who was perhaps Congress’s most talented Trump whisperer. During the most recent impeachment, Paul—as has often been the case—found himself a fierce defender of the former president. His forcing a vote on impeachment’s constitutionality (very on-brand for Paul) before the proceedings even began was a political masterstroke. Before Paul’s maneuver, it looked like the impeachment proceedings might have gone either way. After, with just five votes in favor of its constitutionality, it was foreordained to defeat. Paul’s defense of the president during impeachment was a textbook example of why he was one of Trump’s most valued allies. Contrast Paul’s performance to that of Nebraska’s Ben Sasse.
Read more at American Greatness.


Martel: Satellite Images Show Illegal Chinese Construction in Philippines During Pandemic
The Chinese Communist Party continued to expand its illegal construction on Philippine territory in the South China Sea throughout the coronavirus pandemic, satellite images published this week indicated. China claims the entirety of the South China Sea, including territory legally belonging to the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Beijing also claims waters off the coast of Indonesia, . . . China has spent years building artificial islands, now equipped with military assets, in the Spratly and Paracel Islands, which legally belong to Vietnam and the Philippines. Chinese ships have also repeatedly harassed, and in some cases, sank, ships from both countries present in their domestic waters. Neither Hanoi nor Manila have made significant moves to contain China, in part due to the comparatively small size of their militaries.
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Caoili: Covid Therapies versus Covid Vaccines: Who Benefits?
I knew something was amiss when the pandemic hit. I have four degrees in the field of psychology including a PhD. My years of training and experience were telling me something wasn’t right. My BS detector as all the best psychologists would call it kept going off. I just kept wondering why our National health leaders kept putting the burden of handling the spread on us? Yes, they were feverishly working on a vaccine. But why were they not as frantically looking for a cure or treatment? And why were they continuous knocking down every possible treatment that was suggested? So, I did what any good academic would do. I started trying to figure out the answer to my questions. In my search I uncovered a trail of corruption, monetary incentives, secrecy, and lies. […] There was also an article published in 2005 by the NIH on a government website that found that Hydroxychloroquine was effective against the SARS-Corona virus. Didn’t the NIH say that Hydroxychloroquine was ineffective in treating the virus? How did it work in 2005, but not now? […] Dr. Pierre Kory the medical director of the trauma and life support center at the University of Wisconsin, a board-certified critical medicine, pulmonary diseases, and internal medicine doctor, shared my sentiments. In testimony in front of the Senate on December 7th, he questioned the CDC and the NIH in their dissemination of medical information including the idea that they have promoted only expensive experimental drugs including the vaccine. He takes it one step further in explaining to the board that he has mountains of evidence about an older long-used drug, Ivermectin. He states that, the research and evidence comes from some of the most published doctors in the nation and world. A drug he calls “a solution to this crisis…. It basically obliterates the transmission of this virus. If you take it (prophylactically) you will not get sick.” But the drug remains unapproved for use in the treatment of COVID.
Read more/ Watch Dr. Kory’s testimony at American Thinker.

Rappoport: Yes, the NY Times exposed the PCR test
PCR test apparatus is a fraud, through and through. It enables the recording of monumentally false case numbers, which are used to declare unnecessary lockdowns and wall-to-wall economic destruction As I’ve been telling readers for many months, even if you assume SARS-CoV-2 is real, the test is useful, and the case and death numbers are meaningful, there are vast and crippling internal contradictions within the official portrait of COVID-19. Currently, I’m focusing on the PCR test and its fatal flaws. The test is a MAJOR weak point in the enemy’s attack on humanity. If the test falls, the case and death numbers are shown to be wildly false, and the whole pandemic narrative collapses.
Read more at Canada Free Press.


Laila: South Carolina Becomes 12th State to Limit Abortions After Heartbeat Detected – Effectively Banning Abortion After 6 Weeks of Pregnancy
Late last month the South Carolina senate voted on the abortion measure and it passed 30-16. On Wednesday, the South Carolina House passed the abortion measure 79-35. […] Governor McMaster immediately signed the bill into law and said, “This is very important. This is one of the most pro-life bills.” Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit in response, effectively blocking the measure and Governor McMaster said he will be fighting them in court. […] The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has admitted that “the actual risks of mRNA vaccines to the pregnant person and her fetus are unknown because these vaccines have not been studied in pregnant women.”
Read more/Watch the video clip at The Gateway Pundit.

(If you missed it.) from 1/27/2021 Senator Lankford Defends the Value of Life on Senate Floor
Senator James Lankford (R-OK) defends the value of life on the floor of the United States Senate on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.
Watch the 19:47 minute video.

Trejo: Poland Announces Massive Fines for Tech Giants Engaging in Ideological Censorship
“Freedom of speech is not something that anonymous moderators working for private companies should decide,” Kaleta said. “Instead, that is for the national body; duly elected officials and all industries, car, phones, finance — were unregulated till they grew too large — the same should happen with Big Tech.”
“It’s very disturbing because if Big Tech sees themselves as an organization empowered enough to ban a sitting president of the U.S., it sends a message to the world –that we can ban anyone, whenever we want,” he added. […] Disclose tv tweet: NEW – Poland to advance new legislation to fine Big Tech platforms up to $13.5 million per case that censor users or remove posts for ideological reasons. “Poland spent 45 years under communism,” the Deputy Justice Minister says, “it taught us the value of free speech”.
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The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

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