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Jesse Merriam contributor to The American Mind: The creation of Juneteenth National Independence Day means that the Fourth of July and the Declaration’s emphasis on self-governance will decreasingly represent the story of the American people, for we will have a new story, based on a very different moral order.

Veronika Kyrylenko contributor to The New American: Does the government have a national database of the vaccinated/unvaccinated Americans to plan the “targeted outreach?” If there is a national vaccination database, where is this information stored, who oversees it, and how is it protected, given the flurry of cyberattacks on the U.S. entities? In April, Psaki assured that there “will be no federal vaccinations database,” and that they wouldn’t support a system requiring Americans to carry any COVID-19 vaccination credentials amid privacy concerns. Yet it seems like there is such a database.

Pandra Selivanov contributor to American Thinker: My biggest fear of the vaccine is that I can’t get any information about why mRNA vaccines were not used before COVID. I can Google plenty of information about how wonderful the vaccine is, but I can’t find anything at all about why mRNA vaccines were not approved for human trials before. There is a lot of invective directed at people who are hesitant about getting the vaccine. I have been called a murderer for being hesitant, and I have been accused of refusing to get the vaccine because of my political leanings. I’ve also been called a religious fanatic. I don’t think asking about the science of mRNA vaccination means that I am a Jesus freak, a Trumpanzee, or a serial killer. When I am called these names, it doesn’t make me think that I should agree with the name-callers and run out to get the vaccine. It makes me think that if I am being treated hatefully for asking scientific questions, there must be something wrong with the science of the vaccine.

David Solway contributor to Life Site News: The palpable fact is that the vaccinated, who are now presumably shielded, should have no fear of the unvaccinated. It doesn’t seem to matter. I have met many of the jabbed who diligently avoid those who have demurred – even close relatives – though if the vaccines they swear by were potent, they should clearly have acquired immunity and be assured of their security. They are confident, yet frightened, a perfect instance of cognitive dissonance of which they remain unaware.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: The dirty little secret of environmentalism is that in between the period when it existed as a eugenics front and now when it serves as a cover for Big Green financial interests, it was a covert effort to cripple American industry by the Soviet Union.

Angelica Stabile contributor to Fox News: The reason Democrats denounce the use of cameras inside schools is for privacy concerns but Walsh suggested that teachers responsible for shaping small children should not expect privacy inside the classroom.

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has released a new original song: You say we all lead lives you don’t respect. But you’re just frightened. You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct. We’ll convert your children – happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly and you will barely notice it…

Jack Cashill author of 15 books, documentary film maker, and contributor to main stream publications: I would argue that one of Obama’s compromises was marrying an authentic African American to advance his political ambitions. Another was living his life as a heterosexual.


Bannons War Room: Jan. 6 ‘Insurgence’ Was Littered With Informants
Darren Beattie interviewed.
Watch the 7:33 minute interview at Rumble.


Solomon: Federal judge refuses to block Georgia’s new election integrity law
A federal judge on Wednesday refused to block Georgia’s new election integrity law from taking effect, saying a liberal group’s request for a preliminary injunction failed to show imminent constitutional harm and would disrupt upcoming elections in the state. “The Court is not persuaded by Plaintiffs’ argument for a bright line exception to Purcell because they have alleged First Amendment harm. Plaintiffs have not provided authority, nor is the Court aware of any, that would support this interpretation of the law,” U.S. District Judge J.P. Boulee ruled in an 11-page ruling rejecting the challenge by the Coalition for Good Governance.
Read more at Just The News.


Tucker Carlson: NSA has been reading my private emails, planned to leak the contents
Last week, we told you that the Biden administration’s largest intelligence-gathering agency, the NSA, had been reading my private emails. Even noting that out loud is weird. It’s one of those segments we never thought we would do ever. But the country has changed that much that fast. And honestly, the whole thing was kind of shocking. The government was spying on us? Come on. It seemed crazy, but it’s true. And no one in Washington appeared to be shocked in the slightest. In fact, the usual shills right after our segment had a ready explanation for it. Either it never happened at all, they said, just a cable news show lying for ratings, or there must have been a good reason it happened. And they begin furiously making excuses for the NSA. A powerful, heavily politicized spy agency surveilling journalists who’ve been critical of the regime? No problem. It’s perfectly normal. Just don’t call it spying. But it’s not normal – at all. It is Third World, and as we told you repeatedly, it did happen. Now, that has been confirmed. Yesterday, we learned .
Read more/Watch the 5:21 minute video monologue at Fox News.

Bannons War Room: Vaccine Passports Designed To Be Gov’t Database Of Your Personal Medical Information
Naomi Wolf interviewed. Watch the 14 minute video at Rumble.


Mainwaring: Top Biden officials encourage transgenderism in kids, vow to punish states resisting transmania
On the final day of “Pride Month,” the Biden White House hosted an online event pandering to gender-confused persons, during which top members of the administration urged children to report transgender “discrimination.” The Biden administration also sent out a warning that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is coming after states instituting laws resisting transmania.  Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the DOJ, declared that state laws protecting girls’ sports from infiltration by gender-confused boys “single out and target transgender youth” and “violate both the Constitution and Title IX.” She added that state laws banning “gender-affirming” procedures for youth are “rooted in bias and prejudice.” “We’re ramping up law enforcement training and coordination at all levels of government,” said Clarke. […] Dubbed a “Convening on Transgender Equality,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki kicked off the June 30 livestream event by announcing that her personal pronouns are “she, her, and hers.”  President Joe Biden previously informed the nation that his preferred pronouns are “he and him.”
Read more at Life Site News.

Duke: Dutch, “Christian” City in Iowa Allows “Trans” Teen Girl to Go Topless in Public Pool
Forget indecent-exposure laws. If one disturbed mid-teen girl “identifies” as a boy and wants to walk around topless in front of actual boys and men, she must be allowed to. That’s what happened, too, at a city aquatic center in a small Iowa municipality — and it has created an uproar. Moreover, the precedent set, now a second “transgender”-oriented incident has been reported at the same facility. […] As The Iowa Standard’s Jacob Hall wrote June 26, the teen girl was allowed to parade about “topless and use the men’s locker rooms with grown men and boys of all ages, exposing her breasts because she identified as a male.” […] “‘When brought to the facility’s attention, they explained there was nothing they could do,’” . . . […] What’s more, this isn’t Pella’s only MUSS problem. “There have also been several incidents where a biological female, with full biological genitalia, has tried urinating in the urinal, fully exposed, next to the boys in the boys’ bathrooms” at Pella High School, the aforementioned local resident told Hall. “Where does this stop? Am I going to have to worry if a man identifies as a gorilla and shows up at the store with nothing on, but because that’s what makes him feel normal, we’re supposed to accept that?” Read more at The New American.

Stabile: Why aren’t America’s classrooms fitted with cameras? Matt Walsh weighs in
As concerns persist regarding what is being taught to children in the classroom, some are asking why parents and taxpayers aren’t granted access to what goes on in schools. “The Matt Walsh Show” host Matt Walsh joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday and agreed that having an inside look, and even video surveillance into classrooms, would be positive for the future of America. “It makes total sense that, obviously, we should want to know what our kids are being taught,” he said.
Read more/Watch the 4:59 minute Walsh interview at Fox News.


Codevilla: What Is Trump To Us?
To be worthy of following, post-Trump leadership must become consistent in deed with the insight that vaulted Donald Trump to public attention. Donald Trump became the political vehicle for the American people’s resentment of an overweening, corrupt ruling class. Trump’s invaluable contribution to the Republic was to lead Americans publicly to disrespect that class. Americans elected Trump to preserve freedoms and prosperity against the encroachments of that class. But instead, he became the catalyst by which that class cohered to transform the American Republic into an oligarchy. Read more at American Greatness.


Adams: Ford Foundation Rallies Behind 1619 Project Creator
One of the top funders of New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones’s new teaching position at Howard University has donated millions to Chinese state universities. The Ford Foundation was listed as a key funder in establishing the Knight Chair in Race and Journalism at Howard University, which will be filled by Hannah-Jones, the creator of the Times’s 1619 Project. But the foundation’s interests in higher education extend beyond America’s borders. The liberal nonprofit has given more than $2 million to top Chinese universities, including close partners with the regime’s military, according to the group’s federal tax filings from 2014 to 2018.
Read more at Free Beacon.


Greenfield: Biden “Completely Withdrew” From Afghanistan… Except for the 600 Troops Still There
Officially we had 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. So Biden’s big withdrawal announcement was that he was pulling 1,900 troops out. Put it that way and it sounds unimpressive. So he lied and the media gaslit the country to jack up his approval rating. Meanwhile, we’re leaving military and diplomatic personnel behind in a war zone that we may no longer be able to defend as the Taliban speedily take over Afghanistan.
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


Ludwig: A Vacuous and Potentially Dangerous Response to Domestic Terrorism
On June 15, the White House issued a “Fact Sheet: National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.” This fact sheet is strangely devoid of facts and is vacuous in the extreme, but it communicates that the present administration sees a connection between defeating terrorism and having a government-controlled economy. Is it not true that vacuous thoughts presented as though they were serious and careful are almost always dangerous? Based upon this principle of understanding, the “national strategy” is one of the most dangerous documents I have read in my lifelong study of U.S. history. The shift from domestic terrorism to much greater control by the federal government of our economy on the last page of the document is the product of a sleight of hand or a verbal shell game. The reader thinks he is reading about one thing but finds that the Fact Sheet finishes with conclusions about matters not even remotely implied by the title of the report. Read more at American Thinker.

Daily Wire News: Biden Pushes To End Tax Breaks For Fossil Fuel Companies As Americans Already Feeling Pain At Pump
President Joe Biden pushed for eliminating tax breaks for fossil fuel companies during a speech on Wednesday in Crystal Lake, Illinois, saying that extra tax revenue from those companies would help pay for his agenda. Biden’s remarks come as fuel prices have skyrocketed across the U.S. under his administration.
[…] “I want to provide tax cuts for businesses and consumers who invest in clean energy technologies like renewables, battery storage, next generation aviation fuels, electric vehicles,” Biden said. “I want to set the clean electric standard that moves us to a fully clean and reliable grid.” Read more at Daily Wire.

Kristenev: Biden halting Keystone opens the door wider for sabotage
We’re watching cyber attacks on infrastructure that affects this nation’s very fiber (that does not include the waste-laden GND-human infrastructure proposal of the myopic members of Congress) and the vital operations of the rest of the world. The Center for Strategic and International Studies listed a year’s worth of prominent cyber breaches that span everything from accessing health records to interrupting fuel transport, though the November 3, 2020 Election Day attack from China is bypassed. Every attempt is noteworthy but impeding fuel distribution is of the greatest detriment, whether it’s hacking the grid or downing the largest refined oil pipeline in the United States. Amid the danger of losing access to power when it’s most needed (such as Texas’ freeze in February when the Department of Energy denied ERCOT permission to fire-up fossil fuel plants to carry the load because of impractically stringent EPA standards), the current administration is continuing its crusade to shut down pipelines, decommission clean coal, nuclear and eventually natural gas generators. Still, Biden and his blind handlers will do nothing to guard against cyber attacks that are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, aside from wagging a finger at Russia, that is.
Read more at Canada Free Press.

O’Connell: Why Do Liberals Support China?
We’re discussing why, after 6,000 years of human oppression, slavery tyranny and not long after the US published the Constitution & Bill of Rights that liberals secretly aid China’s goals? Now we’re informed that 6,000 companies in the US have direct ties to the Chinese communist government. But Joe Biden has stated about the Chinese, “They’re not bad folks, folks!” We’ve seen many examples of Americans aiding the communist Chinese, symbolized by Rep Eric Swalwell and his Spy Who Came in From the Couch, Fang Fang and her erotic bite. Many important Americans have aided China. Dr. Fauci, the serial dissembler fibbed about giving China money to develop weaponized viruses. When France built the Wuhan Lab to promote international medical cooperation, how could they not foresee being immediately ejected from the brand new facility? Or that it would then be co-opted by the military for war purposes?
Only a few decades ago President Clinton allowed Loral Space to build rockets in China that inverted their own rocket failure rate—from 10% success on launches to 90%. Loral had donated $1million to Clinton’s election campaign. So Hunter Biden and his billion dollar Chinese hedge fund breaks no new ground.
[…] In any event, let’s discuss the following logic and mindset of pro-China, friendly-to-Communism Americans. This group is influenced by the following 7 categories: . . .
Read more at Canada Free Press.


Rufo: The Woke Defense Contractor
According to documents and videos I have obtained from a corporate whistleblower, the program begins with lessons on “intersectionality,” a core component of critical race theory. Intersectionality maintains that the world can be divided into competing identity groups, with race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other categories defining an individual’s place within the hierarchy of oppression. In a workshop entitled “Developing Intersectional Allyship in the Workplace,” diversity trainer Rebecca York explained to Raytheon employees that critical race theorist Kimberlé Crenshaw developed the concept of intersectionality to expose “interlocking systems of oppression” and “break down power into privilege and marginalization.” In a related lesson, Raytheon asks white employees to deconstruct their identities and “identify [their] privilege.” The company argues that white, straight, Christian, able-bodied, English-speaking men are at the top of the intersectional hierarchy—and must work on “recognizing [their] privilege” and “step aside” in favor of other identity groups. According to outside diversity consultant Michelle Saahene, whites “have the privilege of individuality,” while minorities “don’t have that privilege.” Read more at City Journal.


Green; Are We Seeing a Cultural Realignment?
Recently we’ve been seeing stories in the news about average Americans pushing back against liberal initiatives. Taken alone, these stories are entertaining, though not particularly earth-shattering. But observed together, do they form a pattern? Are we seeing the beginning signs of a cultural realignment? […] Debate about Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in our schools has broken out across the country. Protests against CRT at school board meetings have gotten loud and contentious. […] Over 60% of U.S. counties are now covered by some form of local 2nd Amendment protection legislation. Through either state or county legislation, 1,930 counties essentially have 2nd Amendment sanctuary status now. […] Even attitudes on abortion are slowly beginning to shift. Millennials in the 18-29 age group now support a ban on abortions after 20 weeks by 52%. Only 44% of those 50 and older support such a ban. The pro-choice crowd is also alarmed by the “enthusiasm gap” among millennials. Of millennials who identify as pro-life, 51% consider it an important issue. Of those who identify as pro-choice, only 20% consider it an important issue.
Read more at American Thinker.

Richard: Keystone XL pipeline company announces $15 billion lawsuit against Biden
President Joe Biden canceled the 1,200-mile-long pipeline, which would have carried roughly 800,000 barrels daily, on his first day in office, which caused TC Energy to fire 1,000 workers, the firm said. “TC Energy will be seeking to recover more than $15 billion in damages that it has suffered as a result of the U.S. Government’s breach of its NAFTA obligations,” the firm announced in a press release July 2, following the administration’s decision to nix the pipeline in January. The decision prevented about 48,000 new jobs from being created, the energy firm said. Read more at Washington Examiner.


Greenfield: Environmental Pressure Groups Demand America Bow to China
The dirty little secret of environmentalism is that in between the period when it existed as a eugenics front and now when it serves as a cover for Big Green financial interests, it was a covert effort to cripple American industry by the Soviet Union. The People’s Republic of China picked up where the Russians left off. Environmentalists had vocally denied such accusations when they’re not demanding that America bow to China. […] Over 40 progressive groups sent a letter to President Joe Biden and lawmakers on Wednesday urging them to prioritize cooperation with China on climate change and curb its confrontational approach over issues like Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong and forced detention of Uyghur Muslims. What’s a little genocide and tyranny when we’ve got an imaginary crisis that exists to bankrupt our economy and deprive us of our civil liberties to promote.
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


Rosas II: ‘This Is the Wild West Again’: The Border Crisis Is Putting Northern Los Angeles County Residents In Danger
Being followed when they leave the house. Being shown pictures of a bullet-ridden truck with a person still inside. Encountering aggressive drivers on roads. Having illegal grow houses next door. Having water stolen from their farms. These are some of the examples of what northern Los Angeles County residents say they have experienced by the people who are running illegal marijuana farms. The residents, close to a dozen, gathered on Tuesday to share their stories and to hear an update on law enforcement taking action against the drug-growing operations. They all wanted to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation from the cartels. […] illegal dispensaries are outnumbering the legal businesses 50-1. […] In neighboring San Bernardino County, Villanueva said law enforcement there counted over 860 illegal marijuana farms when they conducted their own survey.
Read more at Townhall.

Freiburger: Missouri AG urges Supreme Court to uphold Down syndrome abortion ban, overturn Roe
Missouri’s Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to affirm the constitutionality of banning abortions sought on the basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis, as well as to reconsider the Court’s longstanding precedent asserting a general “right” to abortion. “My son Stephen has shown me the inherent beauty in life, and he brings immense joy and love to his loved ones and those around him,” Schmitt said on July 1. “Since taking office, I’ve fought to protect all life, including the unborn. A pre-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome should not be a death sentence. It’s my hope that the Supreme Court will grant our petition for writ of certiorari and hear this critically important case.”
Read more at Life Site News.


The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

Please click the following link to learn more.

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