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Donald J. Trump has formulated a plan to get divisive & radical theories out of our schools: Make no mistake: The motive behind all of this left-wing lunacy is to discredit and eliminate the greatest obstacles to the fundamental transformation of America. To succeed with their extreme agenda, radicals know they must abolish our attachment to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and most of all, Americans’ very identity as a free, proud, and self-governing people. The left knows that if they can dissolve our national memory and identity, they can gain the total political control they crave.

Dr. Sara Ross, chief of pediatric critical care at the Boston hospital questioned the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in children: “I have practiced pediatric ICU for almost 15 years and I have never taken care of a single patient with a vaccine-related complication until now. Our standard for safety seems to be different for all the other vaccines we expose children to.

Greg Piper contributor to Just the News: University COVID vaccine mandates are “unprecedented — and unethical,” Kheriaty and Bradley, the medical ethicist and law professor, wrote in their op-ed this week. “Never before have colleges insisted that students or employees receive an experimental vaccine,” which a court struck down when the U.S. military forced soldiers to be “guinea pigs” for an anthrax vaccine.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) calls out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) for blocking a full investigation into the origins of China’s Wuhan flu: “Pelosi won’t do it. When we’re in the majority we will do it, and we will hold China accountable. They are covering for China right now. It’s a Soviet-style cover-up. We’re going to keep calling them out on it.”

American Principles Project – Save the Family: We’ve got to save America—but in order to save America—we’ve got to save the Family.

Brandon Tatum, author of “Beaten Black and Blue: Being a Black Cop in an America Under Siege.”: “I believe it’s an agenda to completely destroy and dismantle local police departments so that the government can have control of law enforcement in this country and push a nationwide agenda.”

Clarice Feldman contributor to American Thinker: Hey Congress, congratulations! Thanks to CRT, there’s something America hates even more than you! [snip] We conservatives should actually be glad about the left’s CRT fetish. After all, these dummies have handed us a giant Louisville Slugger to use to pummel them. The best part is that they are surprised we’re upset.

Jennifer Van Laar contributor to RedState reports information provided to DIA by Chinese defector: . . . according to sources, Dong told DIA debriefers that at least a third of Chinese students attending US universities are PLA assets or part of the Thousand Talents Plan and that many of the students are here under pseudonyms. One reason for using pseudonyms is that many of these students are the children of high-ranking military and party leaders.

Jennifer Van Laar contributor to RedState reports information provided to DIA by Chinese defector: Dong also has provided DIA with copies of the contents of the hard drive on Hunter Biden’s laptop, showing the information the Chinese government has about Hunter’s pornography problem and about his (and Joe’s) business dealings with Chinese entities.


Donald J. Trump: A Plan to Get Divisive & Radical Theories Out of Our Schools
For decades, the America-blaming left has been relentlessly pushing a vision of America that casts our history, culture, traditions, and founding documents in the most negative possible light. Yet in recent years, this deeply unnatural effort has progressed from telling children that their history is evil to telling Americans that they are evil. In classrooms across the nation, students are being subjected to a new curriculum designed to brainwash them with the ridiculous left-wing dogma known as critical race theory. The key fact about this twisted doctrine is that it is completely antithetical to everything that normal Americans of any color would wish to teach their children. Instead of helping young people discover that America is the greatest, most tolerant, and most generous nation in history, it teaches them that America is systemically evil and that the hearts of our people are full of hatred and malice. Far from advancing the beautiful dream of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. — that our children should “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” — the left’s vile new theory preaches that judging people by the color of their skin is actually a good idea. […] Here are the reforms that every concerned parent in America should be demanding. First, . . .Second, . . .Third, . . .Fourth, . . .Fifth, . . .Sixth, . . . Finally, . . . […]
Read more at Real Clear Politics.

Politico: Trump endorses Murkowski challenger
Trump backed Kelly Tshibaka, the former state commissioner of administration, in a statement in which he called Murkowski “bad for Alaska.” “Murkowski has got to go!” Trump said in the statement. “Kelly Tshibaka is the candidate who can beat Murkowski — and she will. Kelly is a fighter who stands for Alaska values and America First,” Trump added. Trump also said . . .
Read more at Politico.


(Important for you to watch) Sen. Johnson and Dr. Pierre Kory on the impact of censorship in fight against COVID-19
Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., and Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC Alliance, weigh in on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’ Americans died from COVID-19 when two proven effective drugs were sold by Fauci and the main stream media as dangerous and/or ineffective in the treatment of COVID-19. They lied and people died.
Watch the 16 minute interview at Fox News.

Stieber: CDC Delays Emergency Meeting on Post-Vaccination Heart Inflammation Due to Juneteenth
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has pushed back an emergency meeting on post-vaccination heart inflammation seen in Americans, primarily young people, because of a new federal holiday. President Joe Biden signed a bill on Thursday making June 19 a new holiday, Juneteenth. Shortly afterwards, the CDC said its June 18 meeting “is being rescheduled due to the observation of the Juneteenth National Independence Day holiday.” A federal office said Thursday that because June 19 falls on a Saturday this year, the observation will take place on Friday. The meeting, which was deemed an emergency when announced last week, will now be folded into a June 23 to June 25 virtual meeting, the CDC said.
Read more at The Epoch Times.


Sundance: Lawfare Activists Apoplectic Because The Arizona Senate Will Not Provide Advanced Details of Internal Audit Documents
The Lawfare activists are screaming foul because the Arizona Senate is not turning over documents from ongoing investigative measures taking place during the audit of Maricopa County. The group known as American Oversight is a Lawfare group working on behalf of the DNC and allied left-wing activists. They have filed suit against the Arizona senate trying to find evidence they can use to marginalize the audit before the findings are made public. Seemingly pretending not to know about the separation of power between the state legislative body and the state judicial branch, the activists are filing suits to get access to the evidence in an ongoing Senate investigation. Essentially, this is akin to demanding to sue for legislative content before the Senate can create the law and/or the harm from that law.
Read more at The Conservative Treehouse.

Solomon & Payne: Georgia investigator’s notes reveal ‘massive’ election integrity problems in Atlanta
In a nationally televised interview in January, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger rattled off an impressive list of measures his state used to ensure the November election count was accurate. “We had safe, secure, honest elections,” he declared to “60 Minutes.” That rosy assessment, however, masked an ugly truth inside his agency’s own files: A contractor handpicked to monitor election counting in Fulton County wrote a 29-page memo back in November outlining the “massive” election integrity failures and mismanagement that he witnessed in the Atlanta-area’s election centers. The bombshell report, constructed like a minute-by-minute diary, cited a litany of high-risk problems such as the double-counting of votes, insecure storage of ballots, possible violations of voter privacy, the mysterious removal of election materials at a vote collection warehouse, and the suspicious movement of “too many” ballots on Election Day.
Read more at Just The News.

Raskin: Georgia removing nearly 100K ‘outdated and obsolete’ names off voter rolls
The 101,789 obsolete voter files that are set to be yanked are comprised of about 67,000 people who have changed their addresses, 34,000 whose election mail was “returned to sender” about 275 Georgians who had “no-contact with elections officials” for five years or more, according to the secretary of state.
Read more at New York Post.


Bedard: NRA rebounds, 1,000 new members every day
Recent political and legal troubles have had no impact on the membership of the National Rifle Association, which told Secrets it is picking up more than 1,000 new members every day. “Despite the effects of a pandemic, a significant economic slowdown, and the mandated shutdown of major NRA events and gun shows, our membership holds steady around 5 million,” said Amy Hunter, the director of media relations for the NRA. […] The growth comes as the Biden administration has made gun control a top priority and as the group faces legal hurdles in New York, which wants to put the NRA out of business.
Read more at Washington Examiner.


Allen: Chief of Pediatric Critical Care: ‘Never Taken Care of a Single Patient With a Vaccine-Related Complication Until Now’
Lucien Wiggins, 12, arrived at Tufts Children’s Hospital by ambulance June 7 with chest pains, dizziness and high levels of a protein in his blood that indicated inflammation of his heart. The symptoms had begun a day earlier, the morning after his second vaccination with the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA shot. For Dr. Sara Ross, chief of pediatric critical care at the Boston hospital, the event confirmed a doubt she’d been nursing: Was the country pushing its luck by vaccinating children against COVID at a time when the disease was relatively mild in the young — and skepticism of vaccines was frighteningly high? “I have practiced pediatric ICU for almost 15 years and I have never taken care of a single patient with a vaccine-related complication until now,” Ross told Kaiser Health News. “Our standard for safety seems to be different for all the other vaccines we expose children to.” […] Interestingly, Lucien and his mother, Beth Clarke, of Rochester, New Hampshire, disagreed. Her son’s reaction was “odd,” she said, but “I’d rather him get a side effect [that doctors] can help with than get COVID and possibly die. And he feels that way, which is more important. He thinks all his friends should get it.” […] Focusing too much attention on potential harms from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for children could have a tragic result, said Dr. Saad Omer, director of the Yale Institute for Global Health and an expert on vaccine hesitancy. “Very soon we could be in a situation where we really need to vaccinate this population, but it will be too late because you’ve already given the message that we should not be doing it,” he said.
Read more at Children’s Defense Fund.

Piper: Heart problems in vaccinated students trigger medical, legal scrutiny of campus COVID mandates
As the government reviews several hundred reports of heart inflammation in young people following COVID vaccination, high-profile medical and legal scholars are calling on colleges to scrap their COVID vaccine mandates, calling them unnecessary and potentially harmful to students. University of California-Irvine medical ethicist Aaron Kheriaty and University of Notre Dame law professor Gerard Bradley went so far as to invoke the post-Nazi Nuremberg Code in urging universities to abandon their mandates, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed this week. Though many universities already offer exemptions based on medical history and religious objections, the professors suggest two more: the emergency use authorization (EUA) status of the COVID vaccines and widespread natural immunity. […] Even the American Medical Association (AMA) pushed back on COVID vaccine mandates for the time being at a “special meeting” of its house of delegates Wednesday. In a press release it did not share on Twitter, the group urged institutions including schools to reject mandates until the vaccines receive “full approval” from the FDA . . . […] “This is a mess, generated by Administrators whose unfounded fears of liability and desires for virtue-signaling have put them on a collision course with science and the law,” Catholic University of America law professor Robert Destro wrote in an email to Just the News.
Read more at Just The News.


American Principles Project Save the Family (The Big Family)
“If we’re going to take on Big Government, Big Business, and Big Tech — we’re gonna need a Big Family to organize and engage in politics. It’s that simple.” We’ve got to save America – but in order to save America – we have to save the family. Starting at just $25 a year, you can join our growing ‘Big Family’ at American Principles Project. We’re organizing parents to make it easier to get married, have babies, and raise and protect our kids. Elections are important. They determine the future of our country. If you care about the American family, join the only group in Washington, DC fighting for the American family in politics—with over 300,000 members and activists, we are the largest political movement for the family.
Go to website at https://savethefamily.app/

Fred T.: YOU LIED TO ME!! Watch 9 year old girl BURN school board to ASHES over BLM & Biden propaganda at school.
“GET THE POSTERS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS!” This is a completely amazing video that libs will hate or not watch at all. They won’t be able to get past the first few sentences. But you should.
Read more/Watch the 2:18 minute video at The Right Scoop.

Nester: New Group Aims to Put Lobbying Power Behind Pro-Family Policy
You’ve heard of Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Tech. Now, get ready for Big Family. The new initiative from the American Principles Project aims to promote pro-family policies with the kind of lobbying power usually wielded by major interest groups, American Principles Project president Terry Schilling told the Washington Free Beacon. “Our goal is to make the family the most important special interest group in the country,” Schilling said. “Families are the basic building block of society. Marriage and childrearing are incredibly important.”
Read more at Free Beacon.


Saavedra: DeSantis Beats Trump In 2024 Straw Poll At Top Conservative Summit
The poll, conducted by the Western Conservative Summit, surveyed attendants of this weekend’s 2021 Western Conservative Summit at the Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University’s public policy think tank. […] “The top five candidates, in order of most approval to least, were: Ron DeSantis (74%), Donald Trump (71%), Sen. Ted Cruz (43%), Mike Pompeo (39%) and Sen. Tim Scott (36%),” the press release stated. “Former Vice President Pence came in tenth place.”
Read more at Daily Wire.


BREAKING: Chinese Defector’s Identity Confirmed, Was Top Counterintelligence Official
. . .Dong Yang. Dong is, or was, a longtime official in China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS), also known as the Guoanbu. His publicly available background indicates that he was responsible for the Ministry’s counterintelligence efforts in China, i.e., spy-catching, since being promoted to vice minister in April 2018. If the stories are true, Dong would be the highest-level defector in the history of the People’s Republic of China. RedState’s sources confirmed that the defector is, in fact, Dong, that he was in charge of counterintelligence efforts in China, and that he flew to the United States in mid-February, allegedly to visit his daughter at a university in California. When Dong landed in California . . . […] Dong has provided DIA with the following information: . . .
Read more at Red State.

Beyrer: Chinese Propaganda Outlet Trots Out Anonymous Scientists To Combat Lab-Leak Theory
A Chinese propaganda outlet is using anonymous sources—described as virologists “close to the China-WHO joint investigative research mission”—to push back against the growing suspicion that the COVID-19 pandemic started as a result of a lab leak. An unsigned piece in Global Times, one of China’s leading propaganda outlets, quotes multiple anonymous sources who have “decided to break their silence” to deny any possibility that a lab leak caused the pandemic.
Read more at Free Beacon.


Schweizer: China and Russia
Imagine yourself sitting at a poker table with one opponent who fingers his dwindling stack of chips while glowering at you and daring you to bump the pot. Meanwhile, your other opponent with more chips sits quietly behind his cards while his paid spies behind your chair signal him the contents of your hand.
A national poll this spring showed a sharp divide between Democrats and Republicans over whether Russia or China is America’s greatest international adversary. Democrats, perhaps still seething from Russia’s clumsy efforts to sway the 2016 election to Donald Trump, see Vladimir Putin as a Bond movie villain and master manipulator. Republicans focused on commerce, cyber-security, and Asian ascension, look at emerging China as their greatest threat. The party split for choosing China as America’s biggest enemy was deep – 54% of Republicans chose China compared with just 14% of Democrats surveyed. Those who instead chose Russia as America’s biggest worry split as well, with 40% of Democrats pointing to Putin and the Kremlin while only 8% of Republicans did so.
Read more at Gatestone Institute.


Berry: Wokeness warriors take over the Pentagon
246 years after the U.S. Army was established, today’s Department of Defense appears to be distracted from its national defense mission. Media commentators and service members alike have lamented the military’s drift toward becoming a testing ground for social policy experimentation. As perhaps the only conservative participant on the Pentagon’s newly formed Countering Extremism Working Group, I can confirm the Pentagon’s full embrace of “wokeism.” […] Extremism is usually defined as the threat or use of violence to achieve an ideological agenda. But the Pentagon is now poised to expand upon that definition to include constitutionally protected speech. In other words, sticks and stones may break our bones, but words are the biggest threat. This should be alarming to everyone, no matter their political persuasion. If the Constitution no longer presents an impediment to appeasing the woke commissars on the far Left, it won’t be long before speech that has always been protected by the First Amendment suddenly becomes criminal. My law firm, First Liberty Institute, is already seeing some disturbing signs.
Read more at MSN.

Bannons War room: Social Engineers Targeting Our Military To Keep People In Perpetual Adolescence
The social engineers are targeting the military because they know that it was taking kids and making them into responsible adults. They want people to be perpetual adolescents.
Watch the 1:55 minute video at Rumble.


Haq & Jekielek: The ‘Defund the Police’ Movement Has a Broader Agenda and Its Not to Stop the Killing of Black People: Brandon Tatum
According to former Arizona police officer Brandon Tatum, author of the upcoming book, “Beaten Black and Blue: Being a Black Cop in an America Under Siege,” there is a broader agenda behind the “Defund the Police” movement. […] Tatum explained that if law enforcement is federalized and there are unconstitutional mandates or restrictions, such as those involving vaccines or guns, the federal government will be able to enforce those directives more easily.
Read more at The Epoch Times.

Johnson: Report: Senate Majority Leader Schumer Sets Date to Force Vote on H.R. 1 Election-Overhaul Bill
Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) reportedly plans to force a vote on Democrat’s H.R. 1 election-overhaul bill, the so-called For The People Act, next Tuesday, June 22. Schumer announced his intentions during a meeting with his fellow Democrat senators on Thursday, The Hill reports.
Read more at CNS News.

Crockett: Quashing H.R. 1 is Not Enough
So two cheers for Manchin. Why only two cheers? Because Manchin, while wisely seeking bipartisanship as he leads the Senate away from the cliff of what he calls “partisan voting legislation” that “will destroy the already weakening binds of our democracy” has embraced H.R. 4, legislation named after the late U.S. Representative John Lewis that attempts to “update” the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA). According to J. Christian Adams, president of Public Interest Legal Foundation: The John Lewis Voting Rights Act is even worse than H.R. 1 . . . It will put Washington bureaucrats in total control of our elections. Partisan Department of Justice bureaucrats will have complete power to veto all election changes from voter ID requirements to changes in polling places and hours. States must continue to run their own elections. Power should be kept with the people and not with the swamp in Washington.
Read more at American Greatness.


VDH: The Biden No-Go Zones
In American journalism, there are supposed to be some clear, nonnegotiable third-rails. One is zero tolerance for overtly racist language and comportment among our movers and shakers. Reporters, for example, for four years damned Donald Trump for his neutralizing summation that there were both “fine people” and extremists mingled among the hordes of protestors during their occasionally violent encounters in Charlottesville, Virginia. It mattered little to the media that Trump added qualifiers of “many” and “both” sides of the protests: We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides . . . And I’m not talking about the . . . […] Selected words from the above quote were recycled ad nauseam as proof Trump was a racist. Another no-go zone is any hint of contextualizing sexual harassment or assault. No statute of limitations can provide exemption, much less a “she said/he said” defense in the age of “women must be believed.”
Read more at American Greatness.


The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

Please click the following link to learn more.

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