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Joseph Klein contributor to Frontpage Magazine describes President Biden’s derailment of the America First policy at the G7 meeting: FDR and Winston Churchill had valid reasons in the midst of World War II for laying out their broad vision of a future world freed of Nazi tyranny. The new Atlantic Charter is a publicity stunt meant to highlight Biden’s and Johnson’s commitment to a globalist philosophy.

French President Macron praises President Biden at the G7meeting: “It is great to have a U.S. president who’s part of the club and very willing to cooperate,”


Galles: ‘Give Me Liberty’ — Not Just Freedom
Not long ago, I was re-reading Rose Wilder Lane’s 1936 “Give Me Liberty,” which traces her evolution from communist to devotion to liberty. Lane’s book made me think about why, although freedom and liberty are often interchangeable words, I have always preferred the word “liberty” to the word “freedom.”
In a nutshell, I would say that I think “liberty” provides superior clarity, which better limits demagogues who seek to misrepresent it. To me, it more fully incorporates the critical sense of “for all” — defending all citizens’ rights against man-imposed coercion, including that exercised by the agency with the greatest coercive power — government itself — which is crucial because many freedoms for some can be expanded by violating freedoms for others. That is, “liberty” more strongly connotes the absence of an outside constraint imposed by government on anyone than “freedom,” which strikes me as agnostic on what it is freedom from and how that freedom is won. Ludwig von Mises put it clearly when he wrote, “Government is essentially the negation of liberty…Liberty is always freedom from the government. It is the restriction of the government’s interference.”
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Piper: CDC claims COVID-19 kills ‘healthy young children’ as doctors push back on vaccinating kids
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now claims that “healthy young children” can die from COVID-19. Marty Makary wants to see the evidence. “In reviewing the medical literature and news reports, and in talking to pediatricians across the country, I am not aware of a single healthy child in the U.S. who has died of COVID-19 to date,” the Johns Hopkins University professor of medicine and public health said Thursday. Archived versions of the CDC’s web page comparing COVID-19 and seasonal influenza show that it revised the “differences” in the section “People at High-Risk for Severe Illness” sometime between May 31 and June 8. “The risk of complications for healthy children is higher for flu compared to COVID-19,” the earlier version says. “However, infants and children with underlying medical conditions are at increased risk for both flu and COVID-19.” The new version flips the emphasis as well as adding a new claim. “Overall, COVID-19 seems to cause more serious illnesses in some people,” it begins. “For young children, . . . […] The CDC did not respond to a request to provide the source of its new claim about healthy young children.
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Sundance: REPORT: Several Hundred Thousand Maricopa County Ballots Missing, Boxes Identified With Totally Blank Ballots
I give this report from the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, a little more weight for two reasons: First, Patrick Howley is generally accurate in his reporting by disposition; and second, the source of the information is on record, not anonymous. If this reporting turns out to be accurate, this will be an explosive development. However, that said, if this report is accurate… this is likely the reason why Maricopa County officials have been fighting the audit, hiring lawyers and positioning themselves in an attempt to undermine the chain-of-custody of the ballots. […] Several hundred thousand votes that were counted in Maricopa County, Arizona are associated with missing ballots, according to an audit organizer who is speaking regularly with people on the audit floor. “We found a ballot shortage, anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of the votes,” . . . “I also know that there were boxes filled with blank ballots in those pallets.
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Nobel: Why Every American Should Own a Gun…And Know How to Use It
The issue seems to perfectly match the discordance of our times. As the media and political elites lecture us about “gun violence” and attempt to take our rights away, average Americans are buying guns and ammunition at a record pace. Some 40% of first-time buyers are women. What do average Americans know that the elites do not? Most Americans know that even before the recent Biden crime wave, police response time for a 911 call in major metropolitan areas averaged around 11 minutes. Now like all averages, some responses were quicker and some were longer. In rural areas, it can be much longer. But since the average armed encounter lasts about three to four seconds, it is a distinction without much of a difference. The simple fact that is understood by most sensible people, is that when it comes to self-protection, you are the first responder.
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Berrien: DeSantis Signs Bill Requiring Minute Of Silence In All K-12 Schools
Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law requiring teachers in first-period classrooms in all K-12 public schools to designate a period of between one and two minutes for silence, during which students will be permitted to pray if they so choose. DeSantis stated, “The idea that you can just push God out of every institution and be successful — I’m sorry, our Founding Fathers did not believe that.” […] The bill requires “that public school principals require certain teachers to . . . The bill notes, . . .
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Widburg: Matt Walsh takes a stand against preschool twerking
Matt Walsh objected to a video showing a little girl twerking before a crowd. Peter Dominick, a stand-up comedian, the father of two daughters, and a blue-checked Twitter person with almost 43,000 followers, attacked Walsh and scolded him for sexualizing children. Uh, no.
It all started with this tweet from Matt Walsh: . . . Walsh is right. What that little girl is doing is not something natural to small children. Instead, she is mimicking adult women who do it to show their aggressive sexuality. The little girl is part-and-parcel of the left’s endless push to co-opt children to leftist politics by promising children that, as early as they want and as often as they want, they can engage in sex. […] As I said at the top of this post, leftists are doing their best to deny innocence to children.
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Conradson: ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY: New COVID-19 Pseudo-Science Policies Discriminate Against Unvaccinated Students
On June 14th, The ASU Dean of Students sent a letter to all students regarding their new guidelines, which require students to be vaccinated if they want to be free. Vice President of Student Services Dr. Joanne Vogel begins the email welcoming students back in fall 2021, but the real purpose of the email was to remind everyone of their “expectation” that all students participating in on-campus learning are vaccinated. “Students are expected to be vaccinated two weeks prior to the first day of classes”. Not asked. Expected. She then writes, “Students . . . and begins to list the requirements of these second-class citizens, along with the privileges of vaccinated elites.
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Gonzalez: A Short History Of The American Medical Association’s Descent Into Leftist Hackery
Perhaps the most destructive philosophy in America today is critical race theory, built on the supposition of inherent racism in the nation that has facilitated the most diverse sociopolitical and economic opportunities for minorities in human history. Among the latest to embrace this philosophy is the American Medical Association. On May 11, the AMA released a white paper entitled “Organizational Strategic Plan to Embed Racial Justice and Advance Health Equity.” The plan aims to “prioritize and integrate the voices and ideas” of racial minorities, women, LGBT people, etc., through steps like “mandatory anti-racism, structural competency, and equity-explicit training,” “ensuring just representation of [minorities] in medical school admissions as well as medical school and hospital leadership ranks,” and “acknowledging and repairing past harms committed by institutions.”
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Kassam & Winters: Zuckerberg Group Funnels Six-Figures To Wuhan Lab Partner, Gain-Of-Function Advocate.
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – the funding group behind much of the unlawful election changes of 2020 – gave nearly half a million dollars to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The university counts Wuhan lab collaborator and gain-of-function proponent Dr. Ralph Baric as a lead researcher. […] Dr. Fauci recently attempted to cover-up his relationship with Zuckerberg by telling MSNBC host Chuck Todd he had “no idea” what Senator Marsha Blackburn was getting at when discussing the pair’s leaked e-mails.
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The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

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