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Vince Coyner contributor to American Thinker: If it’s possible to steal the presidency with impunity, what office in the nation is beyond reach? The simple answer is none, and that matters because the government has police power and once the Constitution becomes superfluous, the coercive powers of government suddenly have no limits. And for those who say that the Constitution still stands, the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper. It is the citizens’ loyalty to that Constitution and the system built upon it that make it work.

President Obama, President Biden’s puppet master, in an interview on Monday said: “I think we have to worry when one of our major political parties is willing to embrace a way of thinking about our democracy that would be unrecognizable and unacceptable even five years ago or a decade ago. When you look at some of the laws that are being passed at the state legislative level where legislators are basically saying we are going to take away the certification of election process from civil servants, secretary of states, people who are just counting ballots, partisan legislatures who may or may not decide a states electoral votes should go to one person or another. And when that’s all done against the backdrop of large numbers of Republicans having been convinced wrongly that there was something fishy about the last election, we’ve got a problem.”

New Lincoln Project ad: Who is Antifa? They stormed the beaches of Normandy, parachuted into the French countryside, and gave their lives to face down and fight back against fascism.

President Biden is pushing to achieve his goal that 70% of Americans will be vaccinated by July 4th: “It’s going to take everyone: the federal government, the state governments and local, tribal, and territorial governments, the private sector and, most importantly, the American people to get to this 70 percent mark so we can declare independence from COVID-19. That’s why today we’re announcing a month-long effort to pull out all the stops to free ourselves from this virus.”

David Leonhardt (@DLeonhardt) Sr. writer for the NYT June 5, 2021: If this math is correct, it suggests a typical child flu hospitalization rate (ages 5-11) is about 4 times higher than the Covid hospitalization rate for the same age group. And if that’s correct, the overall Covid hospitalization rate for ages 5 to 17 is broadly similar to the overall flu hospitalization rate and probably modestly lower.

VP Kamala Harris, when in Guatemala, urged migrants to stay home at the same time her administration has our southern border wide open: “I want to emphasize that the goal of our work is to help Guatemalans find hope at home, at the same time I want to be clear to folks in this region who are thinking about making the dangerous trek to the United States-Mexico border — do not come, do not come,” she said.

Todd Starnes best-selling author and journalist: Our public schools have been transformed into godless indoctrination centers for the left – brainwashing our children and filling their minds with anti-Christian and anti-American propaganda.


Coyner: What if Proof of 2020 Presidential Election Fraud Develops?
If the last month has taught us anything, today’s conspiracy theory could easily be tomorrow’s commonsense truth. The speed at which the Wuhan Lab theory as the source of the Covid virus went from “thoroughly debunked” to “Viable” and “Probable” in the media was extraordinary. […] Given that we heard similar things for the last year about the origins of Covid, the question is, what happens when proof unequivocally demonstrates that the election was indeed stolen? The smoke for that conclusion has been around since the wee hours of November 4th. All that has been missing has been the CSI level proof of the fire itself. Of course given the depth and breadth of the Swamp, it may never come to light. But then it might. […] Once the fraud has been demonstrated, America is going to find itself in a situation where it doesn’t appear that there is any Constitutional remedy in place. Are Americans simply supposed to acquiesce to the theft and allow the fraudulent president to be the actual president for the next three years? No. […] What can be done when the Constitution doesn’t address a bastardization of the constitutional process?
Read more at American Thinker.


Laila: Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to All-Male Military Draft
The Supreme Court on Monday said it won’t hear an appeal challenging the all-male military draft requirement. The National Coalition for Men challenged the male-only military draft arguing it discriminates against men. Per the Military Selective Service Act every male is required to register for the military draft when they turn 18. The highest court of the land denied the challenge in an order with no dissents, however Justice Sotomayor said she agreed with the court’s decision.
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.


Sundance: Interesting Timing – Obama Administration Lifted Block on “Gain of Function Research” Just Eleven Days Before President Trump Took Office, January 9, 2017
Okay, straight talk. This discovery makes the suspicions of an intentionally released Pandemic virus, with a political intent, to “STOP TRUMP” look exponentially more plausible. SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the deadly consequence within COVID-19. With people beginning to recognize that U.S. government officials and the intelligence community have been less than honest, and in some cases downright lying, surrounding the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; and when we overlay the political motives in the background of mass narrative deflection from media and other institutions; and when we consider the known lengths that people inside the U.S. government were willing to go in their efforts to eliminate President Trump; discovering that President Obama’s administration technically authorized the restart of “gain of function” research (biological weaponization of SARS virus) just days before President Trump took office… is way more than alarming. My hunch is this link might even disappear [SEE HERE] January 9, 2017“lifting the current moratorium on certain life sciences research that could enhance a pathogen’s virulence and/or transmissibility to produce a potential pandemic pathogen (an enhanced PPP).” (link)
An even larger backstory. Eleven Days before leaving office President Obama’s administration . . .
Read more at The Conservative Treehouse.

Bannons War Room: Fauci-Funded Research Was With Chinese Military to Weaponize Coronavirus
Sharri Markson joins the War Room to talk about her book that’ll expose the entire cover-up of Wuhan.
Watch the 13 minute interview at Rumble.

Hoft: Virologist Who Told Dr. Fauci Coronavirus Was Likely Engineered and Got Paid After Backtracking on Claims – Just Deleted 5,000 Tweets — Then DELETED ENTIRE ACCOUNT
On February 1, 2020, Dr. Kristian Andersen emailed Dr. Fauci and passed on the findings from several doctors that the coronavirus had “unusual features” that “potentially look engineered.” Fauci was notified that the virus was not naturally occurring. But he denied this information pubicly for over a year! Here is a copy of the email. . . What was interesting is that two months later Dr. Andersen reversed course and published his “proximal Origin” paper where he helped shield NIH/NIAID and Dr. Fauci from potential probes into gain of function funding. […] And then five months after that Dr. Kristian Andersen received $1.88 million in CREID funding from the NIH.
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.


Donovan: Shocking Speech by Thierry Baudet about 2010 Document Allegedly Exposes Rockefeller Foundation and Globalist Scheme (VIDEO)
Rair Foundation first broke the story by posting a video of a speech by the Dutch MP, Thierry Baudet, who refers to a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report that laid out the pandemic and its aftermath, that is eerily like what the world has just experienced. Baudet is a rising star in European conservative politics. Baudet said, “Even after the Pandemic is over, the researchers wrote the authoritarian control would remain with supervision of the citizens and their activities.”
Here is a partial transcript of what he said, but you have to watch the whole thing for yourself: . . . One of the most influential NGOs in the world developed several scenarios for the future of technology and international development. This report and in this report the Rockefeller Foundation describes the so-called “lock step Scenario” on the coming of a worldwide pandemic and its aftermath. Already in 2010, according to the scenario- and I have it here with me- the Chinese would be the first, to begin with, “required quarantine for all citizens.. that is a quote- and immediate and almost heretic closing off of all borders. National leaders would strengthen their power with laws, rules, and restrictions from the requirement of wearing masks to body temperature checks to enter their stations, planes, buildings, It all comes in here. But it doesn’t even stop there.
Read more/Watch the 5:12 minute speech at The Gateway Pundit

Smith: Cyber Polygon: Will The Next Globalist War Game Lead To Another Convenient Catastrophe?
Back in April I published an article titled ‘Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In America As Their Reset Agenda Fails’. In it I noted an odd trend which many of us in the liberty media have become aware of over the years – Almost every major man-made catastrophe in the US and in many other parts of the world in the past couple decades has been preceded by a government or globalist “exercise”. These exercises and war games tend to mimic the exact disaster that would eventually strike the public only days or weeks later. Sometimes the mock disaster exercises and the real events happen at the same time.
The covid pandemic was no exception. It’s quite miraculous… I have specifically outlined the bizarre “coincidence” of the World Economic Forum’s Event 201 exercise, a war game co-funded by Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins and launched in October of 2019. Event 201 simulated a global novel zoonotic coronavirus pandemic (supposedly spread from bats to people) that “required” a global lockdown response. Only two months later the real thing actually happened. Almost every aspect of the Covid event has played out exactly as was practiced during the WEF war game. […] We have consistently been called “conspiracy theorists” throughout this event by government bureaucrats and the media. But, we were were right about almost everything, and the mainstream media has been wrong about almost everything. Either that, or they have been knowingly lying about almost everything. This dynamic is important to understand because I believe the situation is far from over and that more crisis events are about to be engineered (or they will magically happen by coincidence). My biggest concern right now is the upcoming ‘Cyberpolygon’ exercise being headed by the WEF this July. The war game is meant to “simulate” a cyberattack on vital infrastructure that would lead to a shutdown of the global supply chain, or at least the supply chains within certain nations.
Read more at Alt-Market.


Sundance: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation to Combat Communist Foreign Influence, Chinese Espionage and Theft of Intellectual Property
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used recent examples of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence to introduce legislation he is signing today that will “protect Florida’s higher education institutions and government from foreign influence and combat corporate espionage, keeping Florida’s intellectual property safe within the state’s boundaries.” There are two bills being signed in coordination with the overall effort: HB 7017 and HB 1523.
Read more/Watch Gov. DeSantis’ 12 minute press conference at The Conservative Treehouse.

Sundance: Rockstar Reception, Crowd Goes Wild For Governor Ron DeSantis During Gulf Coast Beach Music Festival
The crowd went wild for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis during a surprise appearance at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam Sunday night. DeSantis briefly addressed the thousands of music lovers in the audience during what he described as “largest concert held since the COVID-19 pandemic began last year.”
Read more/Watch the 58 second video at The Conservative Treehouse.


( 3.5 million views in 72 hours) Basham: ‘No More Snowflakes’: Chart-Topping Rapper Goes Viral After Releasing Anti-Woke Song
Four years ago, after a pretty lengthy battle with alcoholism, I had a really massive mental lapse and a bad breakdown that lasted the better part of a year. During the rehabilitation process, I cleaned myself up, figured out what was important to me and what I wanted to talk about. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but also the best thing that ever happened. It taught me who I was, essentially.” What he was, it turned out, was a free-thinker intent on standing up to the ‘woke’ culture. He first came to fame with the 2018 single, “White Boy,” a song about rejecting collective guilt over racism: . . .
But a growing profile hasn’t softened McDonald’s rhymes. His latest release, “Snowflakes” is as hard-hitting as any of his previous work: If you lie to the government, they’ll put you in prison. But when they lie to all of us, it’s called being a politician. You think taking guns away will save our kids from the killings.
But your pro-choice abortion kills way more children. Of the snowflakes . . .

Read more at Daily Wire.

Kennedy: Fed-up parents plan to troll elite NYC schools with anti-woke billboards
Awake from your wokeness. That’s what fed-up private school parents hope will happen to administrators when they send mobile billboards to troll six of the city’s poshest, politically correct prep schools Monday. Each sign truck will be parked outside a school during dropoff and pickup with one of the following slogans emblazoned on the sides: “DIVERSITY NOT INDOCTRINATION” “TEACH HOW TO THINK, NOT WHAT TO THINK” “WOKE SCHOOL? SPEAK OUT”
Read more at Free Beacon.


Emmons: Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Tells Girls To Prioritize Vengeance Over Love
In classic superhero origin story form, the titular character for the new Disney film “Cruella,” played by Emma Stone, begins her tale as an orphan, with the added guilt of having inadvertently caused her mother’s death. With no family in the world, she ends up on her own, with some petty thieves and her dog. It’s got the classic Disney fairytale feel, but as Disney has chosen to center girls’ stories, they continue to decenter what is important to most women. Our superhero stories for women, the new stories for girls to tell them how to achieve their dreams, come with a very apparent deletion: Love and morality are not part of the new female advancement story. Instead, both are cast aside in favor of aggressive power. It’s as though these girls have already begun the testosterone treatments to turn them into the men they know they can be to succeed in a man’s world.
Read more at The Federalist.


Haworth: Report: China’s TikTok ‘Unable To Explain’ Why They May Store Your ‘Faceprints And Voiceprints’ And Other ‘Biometric Data’
Earlier this week, the Chinese social media platform TikTok released their new privacy policy informing users that the app may collect new forms of biometric data, such as “faceprints and voiceprints,” but the company has reportedly been “unable to explain what types of data these terms referred to, or why the app might need to access this information in the first place.” “A change to TikTok’s U.S. privacy policy on Wednesday introduced a new section that says the social video app ‘may collect biometric identifiers and biometric information’ from its users’ content,” reported TechCrunch. “This includes things like ‘faceprints and voiceprints,’ the policy explained.”
Read more at Daily Wire.

Black: China Is the Big Winner from Our COVID Hysteria
It must be said that the speed and discretion with which the Chinese government moved to protect its own population while effectively promoting the COVID-19 contagion to the world, and then denying that anything of the kind took place while proclaiming that its authoritarian administrative methods were demonstrably superior to those of the West in combating the pandemic, was a remarkable, if cynical, tour de force. China’s cool-headed shift from domestic containment of the virus to unctuous and barely contained rejoicing at their success in promoting political chaos and economic disaster throughout the West was a textbook case for how to turn misfortune into comparative triumph (for those countries prepared to dispense so cavalierly with the normal civilities and ethics of international affairs). No matter how astute they are, the Chinese leaders could not have seen the full proportions of the triumph of their initiative; they could not possibly have seen that the pandemic would drive President Trump from office. But this is certainly what happened.
Read more at American Greatness.


Chalberg: American Exceptionalism, Expansion, & Centralization
Do those who seek a transformation of American society believe or disbelieve in American exceptionalism? We can assume that they do not love the country they seek to transform. After all, how can you love anything or anyone you deem to be in need of a fundamental transformation? Questions abound as the Biden Administration goes about behaving as though its presidential candidate won a mandate in 2020 on the order of 1932 or 1964—or even 2008. Speaking of 2008, a few of those abounding questions seem to coalesce. So here we go. Is Joe Biden’s first term really the third term of Barack Obama? If so, or if not, is today’s Democratic party focused primarily on American national interests or on the interests of something called the international community? In other words, is the Democratic party of the 2020s a national party or a post-national party?
Read more at Imaginative Conservative.

McCann: The Depravity of the Democrat Party, the American Left, and the Media
It is difficult for the average American to fathom the depth of dishonesty and potential treason of those motivated by self-preservation to keep hidden their incestuous relationships with the Communist Chinese and the part they played in the Chinese development of highly infectious viruses as potential military weapons. And with the Democrat party and their allies in the media abetting the Chinese Communist hierarchy in denying that the Covid-19 virus almost certainly escaped from the laboratory in Wuhan and was maliciously allowed to spread throughout the planet. But far worse is the absolute depravity of many of these same bureaucrats and Democrat politicians who demanded, without any reliable data, unwarranted economic lockdowns and mandatory quarantines with the primary intent of so undermining the economy and self-confidence of the American people that their nemesis, President Trump, would be unable to win re-election in November of 2020. For the first time in human history, a nation effectively quarantined the healthy instead of only the sick. For the first time in American history, elected officials on the state and local levels illegally and unilaterally suspended rights guaranteed in the Constitution. For the first time ever, millions of medical patients in need of preventive medical care were told they could not be served, thus condemning tens of thousands of them to a premature death.
Read more at American Thinker.

Lennox: Trump Was Right: The Biden Administration Is Intent on Destroying the Suburbs
President Donald Trump warned you. In the name of equity and inclusion, the Biden administration is making moves that target the suburbs with federal regulation. It will pull zoning decisions away from city councils through the federal government’s typical mechanism to impose its will where it has no business intruding in our layered federalist system. […] So, the Biden administration wants people to move from apartments in dense urban areas to apartments in neighborhoods in the suburbs. Not apartments in suburban towns, which often have a decent selection of apartments and townhomes for rent. The administration wants apartment buildings in developments zoned for single-family homes. They will use grants and tax credits as the carrot and eventually pull highway funds through the Booker Amendment as a stick.
Read more at PJ Media.


Ginsberg: Amazon May Be Building a Huge American Spy Network — Here’s How to Make Sure You Aren’t Part Of It
Amazon Sidewalk is a wireless network that connects Echo, Ring, and other smart home devices. It will automatically turn on for all owners on Tuesday, June 8 unless they opt-out. As a result, some government officials and data privacy advocates are sounding the alarm on the new provision. […] Washington Post tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler explains, “by participating, you also have no control over what sort of data you’re helping to transmit.” Fowler recommends that Amazon Echo and Alexa owners turn off the feature. Other technology experts are worried about third-party hacks.
Read more at Daily Caller.


The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

Please click the TAKE ACTION link to learn to do’s and don’ts for voting in 2024. Our state and national elections are at great risk from the very aggressive and radical leftist Democrat operatives with documented rigging, mail-in voter fraud and illegals voting across the country (yes, with illegals voting across the country) in the last several election cycles.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of The Prickly Pear essays entitled How NOT to Vote in the November 5, 2024 Election in Arizona to be well informed of the above issues and to vote in a way to ensure the most likely chance your vote will be counted and counted as you intend.

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