‘Climate Crisis’ Lies Are Killing People

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The thoroughly mendacious “climate crisis” narrative, which has been consistently and wildly wrong for 50 years and continues to be wrong now, has turned deadly. People are dying as a result of terrible policies based off climate change hysteria.

I just reported for PJ Media on a media call where several climate experts agreed that government negligence and obsession with “climate change,” driven and justified by the media’s anti-science fearmongering on the topic, were at least partly responsible for the devastating and deadly fire in Lahaina, Maui. That fire left likely 1000 or more casualties (including an unknown number of children).

The experts said Maui was warned of the risk of wildfires, Hawaii’s governor spent millions on fighting “climate change,” and Hawaii Electric gave the Hawaiian government a $190 million plan to prevent wildfires (which the government “sat on”)…and yet there was no water to fight the fire, no preventative measures were taken ahead of time, and people were blocked from escaping. The whole thing was a disaster waiting to happen and then exacerbated either by deliberate malice or gross incompetence. In Lahaina, the climate lies drove policy-making and negligence that cost lives.


Then there is the reality of arson. The Yosemite fire last year was started by a radical climate activist and arsonist. There’s rumors of arson in the Maui fires and 79 arsonists were just arrested in Greece, which is experiencing fires that killed 20 people this week. It is unclear why these people committed arson, but one wonders if radical environmentalism was a motivation. After all, the Greek and Maui fires are being used to further the climate crisis narrative…

Fires like that put tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, yet there are no measures taken to prevent them. Why?

Some of the people pushing this insanity have been brainwashed into really believing that the world is about to become a burning ball of fire. Others are in it for the fame and fortune—they can make money or gain media attention by pushing climate doom (Al Gore and Greta Thunberg, for instance). Finally, there are evil people at the top, who know perfectly well it’s all a lie, but they want to weaponize climate alarmism for their own purposes. The World Economic Forum (WEF) told us to be poor for the planet and organizations and governments such as WEF, the United Nations, and the Biden regime aim to use the fake climate crisis to initiate their dystopian one world tyranny.

The globe is cooling and has been for at least eight years. CO2 from fossil fuels is too low to cause global warming. This has not been the hottest summer on record. The climate alarmists have been wrong for more than 50 years. And yet these lies continue to be used to justify destructive policy-making and active terrorism. They are deadly lies, and they have to be stopped.



This article was published by Pro Deo et Libertate and is reproduced with permission.


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