Biden Financially Enabled Bloody Hamas War on Israel

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Editors’ Note: As of this morning (10/8), Israel reports more than 600 murdered civilians and soldiers. Reports are surfacing that dozens of American/Israeli dual citizens are included in the many hostages kidnapped into the Gaza Strip by Hamas. The United States is thus a direct part of this war. The author of the article below clearly associates this horrific attack and trigger of regional war with the failed, incompetent and dangerous foreign policy (including our southern border) of the Biden administration. 


All of the globalists and Marxists around the world who constantly slam Israel and support the Palestinians’ lying claims now have blood on their hands. But Joe Biden and his administration are especially guilty in this horrific new Hamas/Palestinian war on Israel, because the Biden administration financially enabled the war through the millions of dollars they sent to Iran and the Palestinian Authority.

I have previously called out Biden’s boastful funding of the Palestinian Authority, despite their terrorism-incentivizing Pay-for-Slay program. That doesn’t even include the billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment Biden left in Afghanistan for the Taliban and Iran. I have also explained how the Palestinian Authority government includes members of and is influenced by Hamas, which is reportedly the main terrorist group committing the massive attack on Israel now.

Furthermore, I have explained the many lies of the “Palestinians” falsely claiming Israeli land and accusing Israel of oppression, when the would-be oppressors and terrorists are really the “Palestinians”. It is particularly significant—and tragic—that yesterday marked the anniversary of the Muslims’ Yom Kippur War against Israel in 1973, and that the Jewish holiday of Shemini Atzeret is currently occurring.

From Islamic jihad expert Robert Spencer’s excellent article on PJ Media the morning of Oct. 7:

“The jihad terror group Hamas is dedicated to the complete destruction of Israel, and so has launched many attacks against the world’s sole Jewish state. But none has been so large-scale and bloodthirsty as the one that began Saturday. The nation was blanketed with hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza, and numerous jihadis entered Israel, firing indiscriminately at civilians and murdering at least twenty-two people [UPDATE at 6:40 pm Eastern, Oct. 7: over 300 dead].

As of 2:30 pm Eastern time

For the sheer terror and bloodlust that was seen in numerous videos coming from Israel, we have one man to thank: Old Joe Biden.

Why is a major attack on Israel the fault of Old Joe? Because he is the jihad terrorists’ ATM. After the left’s Emmanuel Goldstein, Donald Trump, cut off funding to the Palestinians because of their ongoing practice of paying salaries to imprisoned jihad killers and their families, the Biden regime resumed that funding. What’s more, the primary source of funding for Hamas is none other than the Islamic Republic of Iran, which just happens to have received six billion dollars recently in Old Joe’s appalling hostage swap…

Videos showed civilian buildings on fire after being hit by rockets, Palestinian jihadis wandering around in Israeli cities, murdering every person they saw; Palestinian jihadis screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ as they desecrated the bodies of Israelis they had killed, and more. Thanks, Joe!…Ultimately, however, this is happening not because of al-Aqsa or because of any ‘occupation,’ since the ‘occupation’ is a propaganda fiction anyway. It’s happening because of the Islamic imperative to fight Jews.”

Jihadis have video-taped themselves murdering women and children, kidnapping and abusing civilians, and other atrocities.

Spencer slammed the tone-deaf response of the Biden administration, and pointed out that Iran is also likely to take more Americans hostage from now on, since it can get so much money to fund terrorism from the US for prisoner exchanges.

You can get live updates at The Jerusalem Post and see a thread with graphic videos HERE.

Pray for the people of Israel. We might be seeing the start of World War III, and we are certainly seeing a horrific Islamic jihad onslaught on Israel.



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