Arizona News – May 27, 2021

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Payne: In move to strip secretary of state of lawsuit powers, AZ GOP tees up battle with state Democrats
A bill passed by the Arizona House of Representatives Appropriations Committee this week would, if passed by the legislature and signed into law by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, re-affirm constraints on the Secretary of State’s involvement in election-related lawsuits. The measure stipulates that “the legal defense of Arizona election laws and procedures are of statewide concern and that the AG has the sole authority to defend such laws,” and further that the state attorney general “has sole authority in all election-related litigation” in general.
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AZ AG Urges Senate Leadership To Oppose Confirmation Of Chipman To Head ATF

Why Did Arizona Republican Governor Ducey Sign Off on Biden Win in Arizona with So Many Unanswered Election Questions?

House Unexpectedly Rejects Identification Info On Early Ballot Affidavit

Arizona Legislature Takes A Break After Killing Voter Integrity Bill

Senator Skips Entire Day At Work Sending Budget Negotiators Scrambling

Gosar Bill Would End Affirmative Action In Federal Hiring


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