Arizona News – June 18, 2021

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The Prickly Pear will provide current, linked articles about Arizona consistent with our Mission Statement to ‘inform, educate and advocate’. We are an Arizona based website and believe this information should be available to all of our statewide readers.

Giaritelli: ICE to place migrant families in hotel to avoid releasing onto Arizona streets
Federal immigration officials in Arizona plan to place in a hotel migrant families who have illegally come across the U.S.-Mexico border as part of an effort to avoid openly releasing people onto the street, according to a border mayor. […] Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls criticized the plan in a phone call Tuesday, saying he believes the plan to rely on a hotel “actually encourages” more people to make the journey to the U.S. and cross the border because migrants “know how they’re going to be released to an American hotel where they get room service and other — whatever’s going on.” […] This latest hotel that ICE is moving families into in Arizona is being funded by an $87 million contract that ICE gave to Family Endeavors in March. The contract was awarded without a competitive bidding process and was supposed to house 1,200 people across seven hotels in preselected cities in Arizona and Texas. Yuma was not on the list, and ICE has not shared why Family Endeavors is veering from its plan.
Read more at Washington Examiner.

Ducey, lawmakers stop university COVID-19 vaccine mandate

How COVID-19 Affected Arizona’s Economy

Arizona Audit: Paper Evaluation Will Finish Next Week – The Historic Audit Is Concluding!

Dr. Kelli Ward: Arizona Case on Democrat Ballot Harvesting Will Be Decided by Supreme Court this Month – “We Are Hoping for a Victory” (VIDEO)

Feds: Illegal immigration continued to worsen in May

Conflict Of Interest: Arizona Lawmakers To Call For Sen. Mark Kelly To Recuse From ATF Vote Over Giffords Ties

Arizonans Need To Call Rep. David Cook And Demand Tax Relief

DeSantis Steps Up With Officers To Serve Arizona And Texas, Cochise County Attorney Concerned About Costs, Propriety

Arizona House Splits On Juneteenth National Independence Day Bill


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