An Open Letter to Senator Shope

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Editors’ Note:  The state Senator who voted to stop Arizona from passing legislation against vaccine passports is hearing from citizens. Our position is that the decision to vaccinate is a decision to be made by the individual citizen and his or her’s medical advisor.

I am a conservative member of the GOP and have been for decades. I moved to this great state eleven years ago to escape the progressive socialists that invaded California and have destroyed that once flourishing state. When I saw that you were the lone defector from the GOP to support this bill, it made me wonder who do you think you represent? It is surely not the GOP, not the conservative voter, not the people who installed you in your comfy Senate seat in the Arizona legislature.

That bill was the only protection that Arizonan had to prevent forced vaccination.

Yes, I get it, you “believe in private property rights,” and “the rights of the sole proprietor, the barber who may be immunocompromised who cannot get a vaccine who would just want to put a sign up in the front of their shop.”

Well, Mr. Shope, how is that barber going to be able to go about his daily life without a passport? How is any unvaccinated person going to be able to maintain any sense of medical privacy? Why don’t we just make all the unvaccinated people just sew a big yellow star on their clothing?

I am unvaccinated, and I am not even remotely concerned about contracting this disease. I had this ‘flu’ last year. I survived an uncomfortable couple of days and then went about my life. It was no different than any other flu I have experienced in my life. As a result, I have an immune system that has developed antibodies to this disease. I believe there is no medical need to get one of these experimental drugs that have never been widely tested.

If there are side effects to this vaccine, who is liable? Will you guarantee that this vaccine is safe? The manufacturers are indemnified. The medical professionals who deliver it are indemnified. The businesses that may require it will have no liability. Yet you are comfortable allowing these same businesses to require it. This is the first step to making the vaccine a requirement to live a normal life in the state. May I remind you, this is an experimental drug.  

Do we have any idea what this will do reproductive health? To my knowledge, I cannot find a single study where the trials included pregnant or couples attempting to get pregnant.

Any idea what the ingredients are in this vaccine? Can you list them? Each individual vaccine lists as the first ingredient: mRNA. Where did this mRNA come from?  In every description I can find, it came from fetal tissue. Where did that come from? Aborted fetuses? Let me ask this – are we killing babies to create this experimental vaccine. Will this vaccine fundamentally change our DNA and genetically modify the human population?   

Who are you to tell the Arizona GOP that their stance on this is wrong. Were you  paid for this vote? By Moderna perhaps? Pfizer?

I am nauseated to think of the damage that your selfish and ill-considered stance will have on this once great state.


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