Will The Deep State Employ The Nuclear Option Against Trump?

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Editors Note: No one knows the future but the author makes a valid point. The Deep State has done some things that just leave you with your mouth hanging open at the audacity and illegality of what they have done. Given that precedent, nothing extreme can be ruled out, can it? The markets and the economy are in a fragile condition, driven to extremes by waves of inflationary stimulation and mal-investment. High taxes and regulations add to the burden.  Now come months of political uncertainty and anxiety about what both the domestic Deep State and our international rivals have in mind. Will foreign actors move during the Biden weakness before a new Trump presidency? What are the risks of domestic violence? Will the election be conducted fairly or will we see another wave of election interference and lawfare? Will the FED act wisely, helping us to come off this inflationary inebriation? Or will all of these forces work to undermine a new President? It looks likely that the next year will be among the most turbulent in recent history.

The Deep State and the so-called “Progressives” have thrown just about everything but the kitchen sink at Donald Trump. Centuries of historical precedent and common decency have meant nothing to them in their monomaniacal quest to destroy Trump. Early on during the Trump presidency, it was the fake and phony “Russian Collusion” Hoax and the Mueller Investigation. Later on, it was not one but two separate impeachments launched by Nancy Pelosi and the Deep State’s stooges in Congress. More recently, we have the Soviet-style political show trials, both civil and criminal, initiated by state and federal prosecutors who have taken a page from Stalin’s chief prosecutor, Andrei Vyshinsky, famous for saying “show me the man and I will find you a crime.”

Undoubtedly, it has frustrated the Deep State and its fellow traveler “Progressives” to their very core to see that all these hard-core, take-no-prisoner measures are backfiring on them. Trump is more popular than ever. Polling shows that he has built up such strong leads in the battleground states that even the Democratic Party’s most capable and talented election-stealing thieves will be forced to concede that the November 2024 election will be “too big to rig.” The lesson, if there is one, is that Abraham Lincoln’s maxim has once again proven to be true: “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” The great mass of Americans of every color and ethnicity are way smarter and more perceptive than the crooked career politicians give them credit for, and they know a fraud when they see one.

So if Trump wins a second term in the presidency in November, what’s next in the Deep State’s playbook? The impeachments didn’t work, the Soviet-style political show trials (at least thus far) haven’t worked, and the Progressive-controlled media’s character assassinations haven’t worked. So have they shot their wad? Are there any more arrows left in the quiver?

Indeed, there is at least one more bullet in the clip, one more arrow in the quiver, and it’s a big one. In fact, it’s so big that let’s drop the references to bullets and arrows and use a more apt metaphor: the Nuclear Option.

The Nuclear Option certainly won’t be deployed in advance of the November election. It is way too big and dangerous for that. Only if Trump wins and if the Deep State concludes that it has an Extinction Level Event on its hands will the Nuclear Option be seriously under consideration.

The Nuclear Option is the creation of a new Great Depression or a new Great Inflation through the intentional wrecking of the financial markets. It was the Great Depression that wrecked the Hoover presidency and catapulted FDR into the White House. It was the Great Inflation of the late 1970s that ousted President Jimmy Carter. Arguably, it was the Great Recession of 2007-2009 that put Barack Obama in the White House.

When economic conditions turn even moderately negative, the America public generally turns toward a change in administration. When economic conditions turn seriously bad, as in the late 1920 and late 1970s, incumbents become mortally wounded.

At this time in history, America’s underlying true financial condition is so precarious that it wouldn’t take a whole lot of bad economic statistics and Federal Reserve actions and statements of intent to trigger a crash. Witness what happened a few days ago. The Federal Reserve didn’t raise interest rates; it only issued a few hawkish statements about the future direction of interest rates. And what happened? The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged by more than 600 points — its worst day in more than one year.

So let’s play this out. Let’s suppose that some key economic statistics are now being fudged to give the Biden Administration a leg up. Perhaps the rate of inflation is a tad higher than is now being reported. And perhaps this type of reporting has been going on for a while, say seven or eight months, with four more months to go until the November election. Trump gets elected in a landslide. Early in 2025, say, in March or April (the delay being implemented for two reasons, first, to see if Trump is really going to do what he says he is going to do, and second, to make things less transparent so as to conceal the scam), the government-reported statistics turn seriously bad. Not because things really are that bad, but merely to even out the bad statistic reporting that should have occurred earlier, but didn’t. The Federal Reserve makes a very big deal about this (Depression Scenario). Or doesn’t make a big deal about it (Runaway Inflation Scenario). Interest rates are sharply raised (Depression Scenario)— or are not raised at all or perhaps are even lowered (Runaway Inflation Scenario).

The financial markets respond in an extreme negative manner. In the Depression Scenario, there is a catastrophic stock market crash, and unemployment goes through the roof. In the Runaway Inflation Scenario, equity prices do not decline sharply, but bond prices do. Argentina-style inflation appears on the horizon. Gasoline prices hit $12 per gallon, food prices have millions of Americans eating bread, rice and beans.

Unhappiness with the Trump Administration rises dramatically. Soon, brand-new calls for impeachment begin to gain traction.

If all of this seems wildly improbable, I would submit that from the vantage point of, say, 2005, the idea that a sitting U.S. president would be impeached not once but twice and then criminally prosecuted after leaving office was wildly improbable. Add to this a possible “Plandemic” and a rigged national election, and the scenario becomes even less improbable.

So how should the average investor be prepared for these speculative but still possible events in the future? Number one: be very flexible, be ready for anything. Number two: buy gold. Check out the performance of gold between 2000 and 2024 and compare that to the stock market’s and bond market’s performance during that same period. You may be surprised that widely-despised gold has done far better than you would have guessed from its performance during the period 1981 to 2000. Number three: if you want to be able to hedge as an alternative to liquidating existing stock portfolios, familiarize yourself with the futures markets (such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and consider the possibility of, for example, selling stock index futures as a way of at least partially offsetting losses in your existing stock portfolio. If your portfolio is heavy in bonds, bond futures would be sold as a hedge. Be warned, though: number three is not for the faint of heart, should be undertaken only with great caution by well-capitalized traders and most definitely should not be your first, second, or third rodeo. The danger of a whipsaw is huge.

Finally, note that the Nuclear Option was not deployed during the Pandemic. The Federal Reserve rode to the rescue once again, with the result that late March 2020 was the time to be buying stocks, not selling them.


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