Swedes Should Act More Like Danes

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If you have thought about leaving California for Texas, you should really pay attention to what is going on in Scandinavia. Just like New Yorkers who exited for Florida, Swedes are being betrayed by their government and should demand they act more like Danes.

This all accelerated when Angela Merkel decided to take in a million immigrants when countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa were falling apart. Over a million refugees came to Europe through the Merkel-led plan and spread through all members of the European Union. The Eastern European countries balked and were called the usual names – racist, anti (insert the relevant ethnicity), etc. But based on what is going on in some countries, the immigrants have been extremely problematic.

Sweden has been particularly welcoming, having taken in a higher percentage of refugees than many other countries in Europe. For that, a country that was basically without crime went from the safest country in Europe to having the second-highest level of crime after Kosovo. Despite the government’s attempt to hide the figures, the refugee community which has exploded to over 500,000 in ten years has also exploded crimes including murders and rapes. The government refuses to recognize the source of the problem even though they have attempted to deport some refugees.

I got excited about Denmark during a visit when we were informed that they had opened their government-run healthcare system by allowing people to spend their own money for services of their choice. They found out a medical system was better run with individual choice and made the change.

Then the Danish Prime Minister (speaking at the Harvard Kennedy School) addressed the issue that Bernie Sanders had been holding them up as a socialist economy. Prime Minister Rasmusssen stated “I know that some people in the U.S. associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism,” he said. “Therefore, I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy.” He went on to state that Capitalism is the source of funding for their government-provided services. The Danes once again proved to be sane people.

They too have been confronted with a significant influx of refugees. They have had some of the same experiences the Swedes have had with the lack of assimilation and elevated crime rates.
The Danes are seeing that the crime is coming from Muslim immigrants. After suffering from this onslaught, they have taken measures to eradicate the problems.

The parliament passed laws to deal with the illegal activity and that lack of assimilation. They barred foreign governments from financing mosques which they found to be the center of the disruptions. If the locals wanted to fund the mosques that was ok, but not foreign players. The Danes also banned full-face veils in public spaces.

Then they adopted a law to allow the government to deport asylum seekers to countries outside the EU to have their cases considered abroad. The Danes were finding they were having the same problem the U.S. has with people coming and then disappearing within their borders. Based on their new law, the Danes signed an agreement with Rwanda to take in their refugees until they are properly adjudicated in Denmark.

The Danish parliament recently passed a law (by an overwhelming margin) to revoke citizenship from immigrants who are members of gangs. Minister of Justice Nick Haekkerup stated “Gang crime in no way belongs in Denmark. When foreigners or persons to whom we in Denmark have granted Danish citizenship participate in the gangs’ ruthless crime, it is a fundamental contempt for the society of which we are a part.”

The Danes followed up with a law to repatriate failed asylum seekers. Migrants who were provided between $16,000 and $37,000 to leave the country were found to be taking the money and not leaving (disappearing in the country) or leaving the country and then returning. They still have some to learn from being a generous country.

The Danes have enacted a slew of other major laws including banning forced marriages or marriages of minors. They also passed a law to repatriate people from places like Syria where they were taken in as refugees and the justification for the refugee status have been abated.

The Danes have confronted the problems generated by people coming to their country who not only want to create parallel cultures within their country but exhibit a tendency to join crime gangs. They are unwilling to accept no-go zones like the French and the growing problems in Sweden. The Danes are saying that through laws passed with overwhelming parliamentary support, they are willing to take refugees in, but those refugees will play by their rules or will get the boot.

Sweden can learn that they do not have to tolerate errant behavior from people to whom they are granting asylum. The Swedes want to help others, but not at the cost of the Swedish culture. They can cross the Oresund Bridge and get some insight into not allowing their culture to be trampled.

In the meantime, Governor Newsom and President Biden, we would be happy to fund a trip for you to Copenhagen for a little enlightenment.


This article was published on August 15, 2021 in  Flash Report and is reproduced with permission from the author.


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