Reimagine Competence

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To “reimagine” is a favorite buzzword on the Left. Embedded in the idea is that imagination alone can change reality. The reality you see is a social construct.

All previous people were idiots and what they learned about living together is nonsense. We don’t need nation-states or nuclear families; we don’t even need the sexes…  just people who imagine.

We see this all the time within the Biden Administration that uses the term “pregnant person”, allowing plenty of room for mentally ill men to “reimagine” they are women.

We see it at Homeland Security and the Department of Justice that “reimagines” that a riot at the Capitol is an “insurrection” and turns the focus of the government’s security apparatus on Americans that don’t think Socialism is a great idea. Never mind the months of rioting and violence from the political Left.

Meanwhile, they turn a blind eye to the open border in the Southwest where anyone from any background, or carrying any disease, is not only allowed to cross the border but then are spirited into the interior of the US courtesy of the Biden Administration. All the better to spread Covid!

“Reimagine” if you will, a Department of Defense concentrating on vanquishing our enemies and preparing for an ascendant China, rather than generals obsessed with Critical Race Theory and rooting out “white supremacy.”

We see in in the vacuous statements of Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who upbraided the Taliban by suggesting sternly they would soon have to demonstrate how they would operate within the norms of the “international community.” She clearly is “reimagining” what a radical Muslim must look like. We can’t wait for the movement to behead women to begin at the next meeting at Davos.

Nancy Pelosi insists that women need to be represented in talks with the Taliban. The women shot in the head, splashed with acid, married off at eight years of age, and driven from their schools? Those women?

Just “reimagine” what the country will be like spending five times the amount of money expended on the New Deal, almost all of it either borrowed or printed out of thin air. Reimagine a world where you can create money claims on goods, faster than the goods themselves, but there is no inflation.

Hmm…that one is quite hard to imagine.

Let’s all “reimagine” the reality of wealth creation. No work needed, no sacrifices endured, no tradeoffs required, just print money out of thin air and call it Modern Monetary Theory and send out the checks.

Just “reimagine” the housing market when landlords realize they have been essentially expropriated by the state, which allows non-paying renters to stay indefinitely without payment. Just “reimagine” what that will do to the supply of rental properties.

Let’s “reimagine” the law. How about the chief law enforcement officer simply ignoring court rulings? That should not be a problem, should it?

Let’s “reimagine” a way to end the war in Afghanistan. All you need do is declare your intentions, and the other side will honor them. Preparing the embassy, securing vital documents, providing transportation to those you wish to protect, and securing military sites so equipment does not fall into the hands of terrorists are not necessary. Declarations of goodwill are all that is necessary. The Taliban has always shown how reasonable they can be.

We recently wrote a piece called “Going There” where we explored the very real possibility that the senility of our President would be made evident. We may be at that moment.

But in the President’s defense, the inability to recognize and deal with reality is pretty much the de facto position of the entire Democrat Party.  Just as a first step, they failed to recognize his mental condition.

The debacle unfolding in front of us is not entirely the fault of a doddering President. His party, his family, his advisors,  and the press put him there as a cardboard cutout representing their own irrationality.

And how interesting is it that the press is turning on Biden? They did everything they could to prop him up and support his candidacy and now they must fear his incompetence is splashing back on them.

While we are at it, let’s “reimagine” a press corps that is professional, objective, and serves the public interest.

I know, that really is a flight of fantasy.






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