“Never Ever Back Down”: DeSantis Presents Florida Accomplishments in a Presidential-Sounding Speech at Hillsdale College

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 Governor Ron DeSantis delivered a speech at Hillsdale College on April 6, 2023. Though DeSantis has not formally declared candidacy for the 2024 Presidential election, there is much anticipation that he may announce candidacy. This is a plausible next step in an extensive and successful political career, from the House of Representatives to Governor of the Sunshine State.

He has gained popularity and fame (or, with liberals, infamy) throughout the United States for his unabashed stand against insane federal policies and cultural trends. His speech certainly sounded like one anticipating a GOP presidential candidacy.

 “We know how to use our executive leverage,” DeSantis said of his Florida administration, pointing to his removal of a George Soros funded prosecutor in Tampa. He laid out his many accomplishments clearly and concisely.

DeSantis explained that his advisors and staff are employed to serve the citizens of Florida and his vision for the state. He claimed he had no problem telling employees to leave if they would not get on board with his administration, “I made it very clear if you have any other agenda but what the best interests of the State of Florida…packs your bags and leave”.

On the education front, DeSantis deservedly boasted of his policies, “We believe in banning, and we have banned, concepts like critical race theory from being used in our K-12 schools. We’re not going to teach our students to hate this country or to hate each other”. A government, such as the United States, is only as strong as the values of its citizens.

Ron DeSantis sounded as a presidential candidate should, statesman-like and forceful. His hardline take-no-prisoners approach was a breath of fresh air in a GOP where many leaders are too fearful of the establishment to stand their ground. In his speech, DeSantis made clear he has no problem saying the word ‘no’.

His last word of advice to conservatives?

“Never ever back down”


The Prickly Pear’s TAKE ACTION focus this year is to help achieve a winning 2024 national and state November 5th election with the removal of the Biden/Obama leftist executive branch disaster, win one U.S. Senate seat, maintain and win strong majorities in all Arizona state offices on the ballot and to insure that unrestricted abortion is not constitutionally embedded in our laws and culture.

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