Make The Recorder’s Office Boring Again

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You likely hadn’t heard of the Recorder’s Office until a few years ago. The Office oversees our elections, voter registrations, and traditional recording functions (such as titles and liens). It’s a bean-counting and administrative Office.

It used to be boring. In recent years the Office has frequently been in the news, our elections have become controversial and the race for Maricopa County Recorder (yes, it’s an elected position) has become correspondingly expensive.

That’s not a good thing. The Recorder should be like the referee in the football game. If you’re talking about the referee, it’s because the referee did something wrong, or somehow inserted himself into the game in an inappropriate manner.

Current Recorder Democrat Adrian Fontes took office in January 2017. Since then he has been the referee we’ve talked about too much because he is incompetent, unfair, unlawful, and uncivil. Here are some examples:

We can do better. When my team takes the Recorder’s Office, we promise a bipartisan oversight board that will ensure that elections and voter registration don’t favor one political party. We promise that all changes to election administration will be made at least 30 days prior to the election, will be in writing, and will be accompanied with detailed legal authority. We promise that our top positions will be staffed by competent managers, administrators, and elections professions, NOT political hacks and friends. We will promise to treat all County residents like valued customers.

In doing so, we will make the Office fair and competent, and then, hopefully, it can recede into the political background once more. If this sounds appealing to you, please visit my website at and please vote “Richer For Recorder” to help us Make The Recorder’s Office Boring Again.

Stephen Richer is an attorney, businessman, and the Republican nominee for Maricopa County Recorder. He and his wife (who met while both in law school at The University of Chicago) live at the base of South Mountain in Phoenix. Learn more about Stephen at his website


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