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It is your solemn duty

I understand many of you reading this have no gunless friends. They’re all as heavily armed as you, maybe more (a fact you may lament—or envy!). But you definitely have some friends or acquaintances who currently are gunless, just think hard. This advice is for you—for them—because being gunless is dangerous. They need your help. Being gunless is bad. The more people who own arms, the instruments of freedom, the better for America. As a properly armed person, you are a natural ambassador to the gunless world, and it’s important that you bring them on board.

Now some of them (got relatives?!) may be terribly hoplophobic—gun haters or simply terrified of guns and that’s a very tough nut to crack. They’ve been subjected to endless anti-gun-rights propaganda by schools, mess media, the entertainment industry, and other nefarious forces (got politicians?) hostile to freedom. Our country is in a bad place indeed when its politicians are anti-freedom.

Overcoming anti-gunnism hostility can be as easy as going to the range and letting people fire your guns. Getting them to go is a separate issue. Losing that gun virginity works, as so many of you know. If you can get people to join you for some trigger time, problem solved most of the time, so stop reading now and start shopping. You’ll get through to those ones.

Let’s leave sport, recreation, curiosity, the politics, human rights, the Second Amendment, balance of power, safety, genocide prevention, civil-upheaval protection, crime deterrence. the national debate, the possibility that you won’t be able to get a gun in the future, even the often overlooked or misunderstood point that guns are fun. Let’s leave all those reasons out for the moment. And cut to the chase.

Ask the gunless, what if your life depended on it? That’s really the bottom line, isn’t it? What if no one is around to save you or your family and it’s just you and a villain? Everyone has fantasized about that. Everyone. Even rabid gun haters and that charming oxymoron—violent peaceniks—wonder what happens if the chips are really down. It’s not fantasy. Personal protection is real.

Explain that peace and tranquility are maintained only by force. Read that line again. You know that, to you it’s obvious. To the great unwashed, they’ve never heard that or come to that realization. Ask them—why do we have peace?

Everywhere and for all time, in this best of all possible worlds, it is only by being able to exert force that you can have peace. As much as your friends may wish or believe otherwise, it’s only because we are mighty that we have peaceful neighborhoods. It is an ugly truth, and I don’t like it, but there it is. That may be enough to turn some of them. In places where politicians have disarmed or subarmed the public, peace is deteriorating. Violent neighborhoods proliferate where people are gunless and defenseless. Just look. It’s true.

We lack overwhelming peace because civilization suffers from what I described last issue—the Four Horseman of Human Havoc: Angry, Hungry, Stupid and Wicked. They’re out there. Always have been. They’re even in you and in all of us. Most of us keep the Horsemen and radical impulses under control, most of the time. Some of us though, and worse, some groups—like entire nations and coalitions—have adopted violence as their guiding principles. It’s only by force that we maintain boundaries, and keep the Horsemen tame. Most of the time.

As you grow older and wiser, the world seems a more dangerous place, as more of your peers and neighbors are thinking it’s a good idea, that’s why many folks you know are leaning toward their first gun. They know they could walk a path that more than 100 million Americans have walked. It turns out to be a very nice stroll. You must help them take that walk.


Many women in particular harbor wildly violent thoughts. “No one is going to hurt my baby. If anyone tries they have to go through me first. I’ll scratch their eyes out!” What kind of a mother would not guard and protect her children against all the whack jobs and crazies out there?!

Preparing to scratch out eyes is commendable, sorta, pretty gory I suppose, but also pretty lame from a practical point of view, and not very well thought out. If you’re prepared to act like that—and society does encourage you to take direct action to protect your children—it would be wise to think a bit more about the plan. This is not easy thinking. You must be the coach. Say these words: “If you value your children as you should, and do, eye scratching is a weak plan.”
Every aspect of empowerment in the women’s movement is in gun ownership, hidden from the gunless, replaced with blind fear and drivel. If they seek equality wait until they find out what The Great Equalizer really means. If you can sit around and talk sports or cars for hours with buddies, wait till you see what gun talk is like. And it’s time to Gun-Proof Your Children (a superb short book) even if you have no gun—because your neighbors probably do, and you go visiting. Move your thinking past obtaining Your First Gun.


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