Dodge Ball: A New Political Art Form

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Editors’ Note:  We recently were informed that some of the candidates mentioned in this article have responded to requests for information.  We want to be fair to all those concerned. Their response can be viewed at the AZRA website. 

How politicians and would-be politicians are practicing the form of Constituent avoidance.

I am sure most of us over the age of 40 and perhaps some even younger, remember playing Dodgeball as we grew up and attended both public and/ or private school as part of our recess activity time. What fun it was to pit our skill set against others and look forward to accomplishing the ultimate goal of winning.

A common definition of the game or sport of Dodgeball is:

A game in which players on one team try to eliminate players on another by hitting them with an inflated ball.

Yes, what fun we had being able to compete and demonstrate our ability and effectiveness over that of an opponent. That was until Woke ideology stepped in and produced an entire generation of cupcakes. You know, those whose feelings got hurt too easily because they grew up without any self-esteem. Or those who were too afraid to get hit by an inflated rubber ball thrown in their direction. Do not get me wrong, as I do not wish to minimize an occasional black-eye or bruised skin, because of an energetic game. Injuries do happen. It’s called life.

But I digress: The newest form of Dodgeball is now being practiced by the vast majority of elected officials as well as candidates seeking elected positions. How well we remember during the 2020 campaign how then-candidate Biden hid in his basement. Would not come out and do any public interviews, or certainly very few, unless he was holding an ice cream cone. This method of staying away or dodging the press seemed to have ushered in a new practice of just avoiding your constituents as well as the press and your competition as best as possible for as long as possible. Or in other words, do whatever it takes to avoid being held accountable.

I am sure we all remember Katie Hobbs, literally turning her back on journalists and walking away from them, not to mention she refused to hold any open debates against Kari Lake. What was it that Katie Hobbs had to hide? As time goes along, I am certain we will all find out more and more.

This brings me to our newest breed of Dodgeball politicians in Yavapai County. Let me explain. Several months ago, The Lions of Liberty based in Yavapai County set out to do what had not been done before, exclusively, here in Yavapai County. That was to submit important survey questions to those running for the City of Prescott City Council seats.

The goal was simple: Get responses from the candidates on issues of great concern affecting our community. Then publish that information so eligible voters were better informed as to how those candidates stood on various issues. Alas, each candidate did respond to the initial survey yet when their scores or ratings were published each of them chose to walk away from the process and showed their elitism.

Was our scoring harsh? Not in our opinion yet we have made some changes. For this round of surveys, we have decided not to release our scores until we decide to support or endorse a particular candidate.

Fast forward to our current elections for the 2024 campaign season. Recently, once again, The Lions of Liberty, this time in conjunction with AZRA (Arizona Republican Assembly) with multiple chapters throughout the state of Arizona, sent out a joint survey to all candidates running for a legislative position here in Yavapai County. How disappointing it is that not one candidate wished to go on record and respond to questions of great concern to our community and our state. Rather than stepping up and demonstrating true leadership skills, it appears they are more comfortable hiding in the shadows. How sad our elected officials, incumbents, and new candidates, appear to be running from the voters as opposed to reaching out to the voters.

I am the first to acknowledge that going on record with survey responses can certainly be more challenging than delivering a canned speech week after week.

Please use this link to view the questions each of the candidates were sent.

You be the judge. You determine if these questions have any value for yourself and represent concerns you might have.

It is said that “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”. To this extent, and based on the complete lack of response from all candidates, I can only conclude each of them is doing their best to flatter Joe Biden, you know, “The Big Guy,” as well as Katie Hobbs. Our candidates in my opinion are not exhibiting the leadership skills “We the People” you know, the voters, deserve.

After you have read the questions, I encourage everyone to call or email these candidates and demand to know why they will not go on record. Why do they have such disdain for the voters? The people of Arizona and most certainly the voters of Yavapai County deserve better.

  • Ken Bennett: 928- 445-2949
  • Mark Finchem: 520-808-7340
  • Quang Nuyen: 928-605-2424
  • Selena Bliss: 928-925- 5642
  • Steve Zipperman: 949-444-3507 (Has only answered 3 questions)
  • Shawn Wildman: I have spoken to a third party who fields her calls yet she has never reached back out to me.


David (Cowboy Dave) Segall is chair of The Arizona Republican Assembly of Yavapai County. The opinions expressed may not necessarily reflect those of AZRA or The Lions of Liberty


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