Despite Obvious Fraud, Katie Hobbs Sworn In as AZ Governor

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The election steal is complete. Democrat Katie Hobbs took office on Jan. 2 as governor of Arizona, the first Democrat governor of the state since 2009. The private ceremony Monday at the State Capitol will be followed by a public inauguration on Thursday [Jan. 4], the Associated Press said. Meanwhile, legal challenges to the shockingly crisis-plagued Arizona midterm election have highlighted the scandals of an election that some argue, based on solid and widespread evidence of blatant fraud, is illegitimate.

It took over a week to count the votes in Arizona [a state with 80% mail-in voting] after an Election Day with astonishingly widespread printer issues and other irregularities, and Hobbs’s office pressured counties that hesitated to certify the election with a lawsuit and other threats of legal reprisals. Currently unsuccessful lawsuits from Lake and Arizona Republican Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh brought evidence of potentially election-altering irregularities.

During Lake’s election trial, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer testified to an apparent violation of state law on Arizona’s Election Day, while “the number of votes [Maricopa] county reported having counted mysteriously increased by nearly 25,000, a number greater than Katie Hobbs’ alleged 17,000-vote victory.” Despite the judge ruling against Lake, many still justly question the legitimacy of Hobbs’ election, and Lake is appealing the decision. The judge seemingly acknowledged the irregularities but claimed that they were not intentional misconduct. So I guess stealing an election and disenfranchising voters is okay if you had “good intentions”?

Katie Hobbs was Arizona’s Secretary of State during the 2022 election and thus was responsible for overseeing and certifying it. Besides pressuring Arizona counties to certify and ignoring election irregularities in 2022, Hobbs was also implicated in the 2020 election fraud scandal.

This article was published by Pro Deo et Libertate and is reproduced with permission.


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