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Julie Kelly contributor to American Thinker on the lockdown catastrophe: What’s truly alarming is how many Americans want this cruelty to persist despite its proven ineffectiveness at “stopping” the spread of the virus.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to FrontPage Magazine: Believe all women… except those who accuse powerful Democrats.

Jack Hellner contributor to American Thinker questions why “kids in cages” is no longer on the Democrat/MSM radar: Where are our supposedly humanitarian politicians? Where’s Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who went down for a photo-op wearing white, in order to weep in front of an empty parking lot, and compare illegal immigrant detentions during the Trump administration to Nazi concentration camps? Where is the Hollywood crowd who have always protested Trump’s actions? I must assume none of them really cared and it was always a political attack or else they would be actively protesting.


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) tweeted: Rather than listening to government scolds, look to the science of immunology: and once you’re 2 weeks out from the vaccine, or have recovered from the actual infection, trash your mask and live free again.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on the COVID Relief’s Package: Blue State Bailout: For purely partisan reasons, this bill uses unemployment numbers to determine final state payouts and rewards failing blue states with the tax dollars of red states whose jobless rates didn’t spike as dramatically. Under this new formula, our home state of Tennessee will lose $164 million dollars; meanwhile, New York, New Jersey, and California will walk away with a combined gain of almost $9 billion. In Tennessee, we’ve worked to protect both lives and livelihoods throughout the pandemic, and it’s paid off. We invested previous federal COVID relief dollars into our unemployment trust fund. We lifted statewide restrictions early to help businesses reopen, get people back to work, and return kids to their classrooms.

Nancy Rommelmann journalist in a recent Newsweek article describing today’s newsrooms: It’s a climate of fear, and it’s infected the top brass. Whether staff at the Times are in earnest about their fears or whether it’s a tactic to rid the paper of those they don’t want around (or both) doesn’t really matter; people operating from a place of fear make terrible choices. They’ve become scared of their own shadows, of the person in the next cubicle, of unknowingly saying or doing something that will end their careers. Better to join the crowd, to claim to be in pain, to turn pain into a shield and then into a weapon used to intimidate others. After all, pain brooks no questions.


Lennox: Republicans Have Proposed Over 60 Bills to Protect Women and Children From Trans Madness
Axios is reporting that the number of bills Republicans have advanced in the first two months of 2021 at the state level to protect women and girls in the wake of the Biden administration’s radical transgender policies exceeded the total of such efforts in 2020. Of course, Axios frames these bills as anti-trans rather than pro-woman and pro-child. While President Biden, or those pulling his strings, felt like taking on this issue by executive proclamation, America is not wholly on board by any stretch of the imagination. […] Some of the current bills seek to confirm religious exemptions for health care providers, restrict single-sex facilities, and confine sports participation to biological sex. Of even greater importance, 20 of these bills prohibit doctors from beginning the transition in children and forbidding these procedures without parental consent.
Read more at PJ Media.



Maoism in America? The Uses of the Capitol Hill Riot
From “deplorables” to “enemies of the people”—this is a trajectory with which we Chinese are all too familiar. Demonizing your political opponents is not an end in itself but merely the first step toward knocking them down and then subjugating them. Yes, the “Scarlet Letter” of early American culture has returned to American society, and the United States is becoming all too like totalitarian China. The second impeachment of Donald Trump was a calculated tactic, serving multiple purposes. The real point was not to remove a lame-duck president from office. The plot was even more pernicious than preventing him from seeking the presidency again or stripping his Secret Service protection. The deeper purpose was to instill in future generations a general pattern of thinking that Donald Trump is the “people’s enemy” and that anyone associated with him is equally diabolical. It is propaganda of the Soviet style. Soviets distinguished between propaganda and agitation. The former . . .
Read more at The Imaginative Conservative.

Coy: What if Alexander Tytler was Right?
Sir Alexander Tytler was a Scottish advocate, judge, writer, and historian. Lord Tytler lived from 1747 until 1813; about the time of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson in America. Tytler was a professor at the University of Edinburgh. One of Tytler’s most influential and proverbial historical writings was about the lifespan of countries operating under democratic republican governance. Tytler believed the life expectancy of a self-ruled nation was about 200 years. […] Tytler’s most famous historical and yet futuristic prediction was the “Eight Stages of a Democracy.” After studying human nature as well as past history, Tytler predicted the “Eight Stages of a Democracy.” A brief reading sure makes one nervous about America’s future. “Eight Stages of a Democracy.” 1) Bondage to Spiritual Faith 2) Spiritual Faith to Great Courage 3) . . . […] The study of Tytler’s analysis can be sobering. A great many Americans, including 80 million Trump voters, are inclined to feel we’re at stage #7 and closing in on #8 fast.
Read more at American Thinker.

Phillips: 1 Democrat Joins Nearly All Republicans in Voting Against Gun-Control Measure
The bill, called the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021, passed 227–203, receiving eight Republican votes. Five Republicans co-sponsored the bill along with several Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Thursday that he will attempt to get senators to vote on the measure.
Rep. Jared Golden (D-Maine) was the lone Democrat to vote with the vast majority of Republicans. […] The eight Republicans who voted to pass the measure are Rep. Vern Buchanan (Fla.), Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.), Rep. Andrew Garbarino (N.Y.), Rep. Carlos Gimenez (Fla.), Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), Rep. Maria Salazar (Fla.), Rep. Chris Smith (N.J.), and Rep. Fred Upton (Mich.). Upton, Smith, and Fitzpatrick co-sponsored the legislation. […] The House Judiciary Committee’s senior Republican, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, wrote on Twitter that House Democrats were “making it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy a gun.”
Read more at The Epoch Times.


Moran: Chicago Suburb Becomes First U.S. City to Offer Reparations for ‘Historical Racism’—But It’s Already Being Called ‘Anti-Black’
Now, Evanston will be known as the first city in the country to offer reparations to black people. The Evanston City Council will vote on March 22 to finalize a plan that was approved by voters in 2019 offering reparations to black people for “historical racism and discrimination.” What’s curious about this plan is that nowhere does it say anything about slavery. The $10 million to be disbursed over the next 10 years — funded by voluntary contributions and a 3 percent tax on recreational marijuana sales — will go toward righting historic wrongs brought about by racism, not as compensation for being held in bondage.
Read more at PJ Media.

Elder: Some Final Thoughts on Reparations
How would reparations be funded? Conservative writer Michael Medved estimates that only 5% of whites in America “bear any authentic sort of generational guilt for the exploitation of slave labor.” Why should anyone but Democrats pay? Scholar Dinesh D’Souza notes that all but a “handful” of slave owners were Democrats. The Ku Klux Klan, at its height of power and popularity, was known by the NAACP as the “terror wing” of the Democratic Party. The KKK was founded by Democrats; I did not say by the Democratic Party, but by Democrats. As a percentage of their party, more House Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than did House Democrats. As a percentage of their party, more Senate Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than did Senate Democrats.
Read more at PJ Media.

Stark: Reparations for ancestors of slaves? The numbers don’t add up.
It is the widely held pro-reparations belief that a onetime monetary payment somewhere between $300,000 and $400,000, paid to 45 million black Americans, or an estimated $19-trillion “wealth transfer,” will vanquish poverty among black Americans; erase past racial injustice; and, in their opinion, end systemic racism in perpetuity. Numerous proposals are vague on how $19 trillion would be raised for reparation payments. One idea imposes direct taxation on the wealthiest Americans, while other proposals rely upon instituting a onetime corporate tax on companies that profited from slavery in addition to identifying (and then taxing) the 21st-century ancestors of slave-owning families based on Census records from 1860. […] Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell recently reiterated his opinion that monetary reparations paid to the ancestors of black slaves is divisive and it’s impossible to determine whom to pay, countering the claim that 45 million black people in the United States are, in fact, direct descendants of almost 4 million African slaves in 1860, while 5% of all white Americans in 2021 are direct descendants of the nearly 394,000 slave-owners.
Read more at American Thinker.


Prager: Mocking God & the Religious
Explain why God is necessary for a peaceful society and you can expect instant mockery in response. Dennis examines the nature of this response and the validity of the statement—for believers and atheists alike. Plus, a bit on universal basic income. Enjoy!
Watch the 31 minute video at Prager University.

Prestigiacomo Feminist Jill Filipovic Trashes Stay-At-Home Moms: Unambitious, Bad Example For Kids
Filipovic was reacting to a post from Slate concerning a man who was upset that his wife wanted to be a stay-at-home mother. Slate’s advice was to be more understanding with his wife. “This is good advice, but man I feel for this letter-writer, because it’s exactly how I would feel if my spouse decided they wanted to be a stay-at-home parent,” Filipovic commented. “Also… is it really ONLY her decision whether to quit working when she’s then going to be entirely dependent on him?” She then suggested stay-at-home mothers are unambitious — a remark she would later try to walk back.
Read more at Daily Wire.


The Van Maren Show: ‘Roe v. Wade’ director shares his pro-life conversion story
Nick Loeb was not always pro-life. In fact, when he was in his twenties, he was involved with two women who had abortions. Loeb said that he “did nothing to stop” the abortions from happening and that it wasn’t until he got older and read about abortion online that he realized unborn babies are people that must be protected.
Listen to the 53 minute interview on YouTube.


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