Chinese Building Is Globalists’ Dystopian Dream for Us All

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Globalists like the World Economic Forum (WEF) have a dream to force all of us peasants to live in 15 minute cities—in fact, such experiments have already been launched in Tempe, Arizona, and Oxford, England. You will have your tiny apartment, stores, restaurants, all within a short walk of your home—and George Orwell would tell you to run in the other direction.

A recent article (see below) describes the Chinese version of this dystopia, with everything in one building. By the way, when the article praises how “swanky” the building is, take it with a grain of salt—in China, infrastructure is consistently badly built and the quality is always exaggerated. But even if the buildings were wonderful, happiness isn’t just in having material necessities. Freedom is key.

There’s a reason humans have always romanticized pastoral life, why owning land was a wealth symbol, and why the American dream used to be owning property. Freedom and the space to exercise it—those are things that the Chinese building doesn’t have, and that’s why it’s a dystopian nightmare instead of a utopian paradise.


“[Climate Depot] Thousands of people live in one of China’s largest apartment block which is so well equipped residents never actually have to leave.

This company is able to provide residents with everything they need, so they never have to go outside again…Would that be a utopian dream or a dystopian nightmare?

It seems at least 20,000 people are living that reality regardless in one of China’s largest buildings…[facilities include] a massive food court, barber shops, nail salons, medium-sized supermarkets, swimming pools, and even internet cafes….And if you’re curious about how much it costs to live here, small apartments without windows (yes, you read that correctly) usually go for around 1,500 RMB per month ($210), according to local news outlets.

Meanwhile, some of the larger properties with balconies are on the market for 4,000 RMB per month ($570).”

Note the without windows option. The average monthly salary in China is reportedly around $1300, so $570 a month rent for a windowed apartment isn’t chump change.

Unfortunately, if the Democrats and their globalist buddies get their way, this building plan could be coming soon to a town near you…


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