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Media Concealed Biden’s Cognitive Decline Because They Hate Trump

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Reporters turned on president only when the lie became impossible to sustain. The former executive editor of The New York Times gave away the game: The media were in on it. They helped cover up President Biden’s dramatic cognitive decline and gaslit Americans regarding his mental and physical condition. “The Biden White House clearly succeeded in a massive cover-up of the degree of the president’s feebleness and his serious physical decline, which may be simply the result of old age,” Ms. Abramson said. “Shame on the White House press corps for not [having] pierced the veil of secrecy surrounding the president.”

Biden on Energy Crisis: Begging Others to Save Him From Himself

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Editors’ Note: We agree very much with the sentiments in the article to follow, but we caution about too much emphasis being placed on the bungling of “Bare Shelves Biden”.  This is a crisis of policy more than the shortcomings of a simple political hack. It  extends well beyond the President who can’t even read […]

Media Are Only Tough on Biden When He’s Not in the Room

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President Joe Biden is still in the midst of the worst stretch of news coverage of his administration—and it’s one of his own creation. Facts that have emerged about Biden’s calamitous withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan show that he was unwilling to listen to his own military leaders, changed his story about his faith […]